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TfL’s Big Problem For 2015

look at this map for the London Overground.

TfL's Big Problem For 2015

TfL’s Big Problem For 2015

When the Lea Valley Lines come under the control of TfL in 2015, it’s going to give them a terrible problem about how they incorporate them into the maps.

But that’s only the start, as Crossrail will appear in 2018.  But that has already shown on a map.

Map At Kings Cross

The picture shows the short-lived Lego version at Kings Cross station, this summer.

they’ve also got the problem of what to call Crossrail, if they do change the name. there has been some talk of calling it the Queen Elizabeth line, by such as Boris Johnson. I suspect, it’ll be called Crossrail or something similar like Across or EastWest line, if Boris doesn’t get his way.

If we called it Across, then Crossrail 2 could be called the Diagnonal line!

Of all the wonderful feats I have performed,  I think yesterday I performed the most wonderful. I produced unanimity among 15 men who were all quarrelling about that most ticklish subject — taste

I think Brunel would have loved this problem, judging by this quote from the engineer.

It’s not a problem, I would like to have to solve.

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Clapham Junction To Clapham High Street

I got the Overground back from Clapham Junction, rather than struggle from Waterloo, which was suffering from engineering works.

what surprised me, was that the train virtually emptied at Clapham High Street station. I would have thought that a bus would have been quicker on this short journey, especially, as you often wait ten minutes for a train.

But the Overground takes eight minutes and the 345 bus takes twenty four. The man on the Clapham Overground isn’t stupid!

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An Advantage Of Clapham Junction Station

One of the advantages of changing at Clapham Junction station is the bridge with lots of kiosks. I bought this excellent fresh lemonade for £1.90 at Knot Pretzels.

An Advantage Of Clapham Junction Station

An Advantage Of Clapham Junction Station

We need more kiosks with lemonade ready-to-go.

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An Advantage Of Not Owning A Car

Because I just missed a train on the return from Pokesdown station, I had an hour to kill.

It was enlivened by a few minutes helping this Ipswich supporter find where he might have parked his car for the match, using a map at the station.

He’d driven down on Saturday, stayed in a hotel and then driven over on the Sunday. But he had no idea, of the name of the road he’d parked in. I don’t know whether he had a sat-nav, but it wasn’t much use to him if he had, as it would have been the car.

And then to cap it all, we told him to turn right out of the station.  And he turned left!

And others talk about silly Suffolk!

All I have to do is remember the way back to the station.  If I should forget, I can always take a taxi or a bus! Or even ask directions for something that has been there for a few years!

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An Embarrassing Half Time Entertainment

Bournemouth put on a Crossbar Challenge at half-time, but it was rather unusually embarrassing for the hosts.

One of the travelling Ipswich supporters won the prize, by hitting the crossbar.

I’ve seen this run a few times and most clubs don’t let visiting supports take part for obvious reasons.

We all gave him a big cheer, as he returned to his seat amongst us.

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The TfL Journey Planner Knows Best

Yesterday, I went to see Ipswich at Bournemouth, who play within walking distance of Pokesdown station.

That area is served from Waterloo, and if there is a difficult station to get to from Dalston, it is Waterloo.  In fact it’s difficult for anybody, who doesn’t start their journey on the Bakerloo line, Jubilee line or some parts of the Northern line. I usually use a bus or buses to get to the station, or bypass it totally and pick up the train from Clapham Junction, after getting there on the Overground.

But, yesterday, I thought, I’d see what the TfL journey Planner recommended.

It recommended taking the Overground from Dalston Junction to Canada Water station, and then using the Jubilee line to get across to Waterloo.

It seemed a bit of a roundabout way, but it does appear to be quickest.

Whilst waiting for my Overground train, I told a driver, waiting for his train to arrive, what the Journey Planner had recommended.

He was as surprised as I was!

One of the other things about the Overground/Jubilee route, is that it is step-free, at all stations.

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Vincent Tan Is 66-1 To Be The Next Cardiff Manager

This is according to Match of the Day.

The big question is, could he work with the owner of the club?

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Tories Fear Scots Will Break Away

This is the headline on a piece on the front page of The Sunday Times today.

Whether the Scots vote for independence is up to them, and I don’t care one jot, as I see advantages in both outcomes.

If the Scots leave the United Kingdom, whether we are English, Scots or Welsh, we’ll see a whole lot of tortuous and very lengthy negotiations, which will make those in Northern Ireland at the present time, seem like a couple of two year-old twins arguing over a cake.

On the other hand if they stay, we’ll avoid any hassle with lots of domestic things, like travel, banking, insurance and energy. At the present, I don’t use any companies domiciled outside of England for my basic needs, as I don’t want a foreign government interfering in my affairs.

But there’s the advantage if the Scots leave, in that the English parliament would then be able to vote for what is best for England and Wales.  We could for example move our time to that of France, Germany and most of Europe, as Scottish backwoodsmen wouldn’t be able to sink the legislation.

If Scotland breaks away, they will probably take control of their fishing industry and pictures like this one, will become more common.

Peterhead fish In London

Peterhead fish In London

I lkike good fish, but whether the EU would let them keep it from the Spanish and the Dutch is another matter.

If they did break away, that would of course, be the end of it and we wouldn’t have to have the argument again.  Unless, they wanted to rejoin, but I do think the English would have a view on that!

Scotland would probably make a go of it alone, for one of the same reasons Ireland did. There is a large diaspora, who will support the country, through thick and thin.

At the moment the English and the Scots are like a couple trapped in an unhappy marriage. Both, to kiss and make up and go for a divorce are better options than struggling on!

I do hope that both sides accept this referendum as a full and final conclusion. but I doubt they will!


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Farage Says Yes!

Nigel Farage of UKIP saying that the UK should accept more Syrian refugees is a bit of a surprise.l  Here’s an extract from a report on the BBC.

The UK should take in some refugees from Syria’s civil war, UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage has said.

He told BBC News that Western countries should agree to take an allocation, but he did not specify numbers.

I wonder what his typical supporter thinks of this statement!

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Ulster Says No!

The talks in Northern Ireland seem to have ground to their inevitable conclusion, as is reported here on the BBC. Here’s the first bit.

Talks aimed at solving some of Northern Ireland’s most contentious issues ended on Saturday without agreement.

The five main parties will meet again early on Monday to discuss parades, flags and dealing with the past.

I am getting sick to death of the same entrenched attitudes, that have cost all of us billions of pounds.

Who is going to rid us of this troublesome country?

Most of my friends from Eire don’t want this bigotted basket case either!

One point that has to be made.  In most of England, we don’t have any religious parades that are contentious and you rarely see flags flown that some might not like. Even the cross of St. George has gone from something that was only flown to annoy to a flag flown with pride.  So why if we can do it on this side of the water, can’t the Northern Irish do it.

I was also in Liverpool in the sixties, where there was a nasty undercurrent of religious tension. You don’t hear anything negative like that, from the city now!

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