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Nationwide’s New Credit Card Statement

I received my on-line credit card statement from Nationwide yesterday and it has been simplified in their new web site, so that it is now very easy to see how much you need to pay for either the minimum amount or to avoid any interest charges. In the past, you sometimes had to guess the latter.

This means that I can get my cashflow more precise.

So are we going to see a features war between banks, as they make their web sites better to attract more customers?

After all, when you make a major purchase, like a car, a washing machine or a new partner, you carefully check out all the features! But unless you actually move your account, that’s a bit difficult with banking. Where is the test-before-you-buy feature?  With peer-to-peer lending sites like Zopa and its ilk, you can experiment with a small sum, before you actually make the decision to move your savings there!

Certainly, unless they do something horrendous, I can see no reason at present to move my account away from Nationwide.

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