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Turing’s Legacy

Congratulations are in order to those who analysed the satellite data and appear to have shown that the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 has crashed into the Southern Indian Ocean, as reported here on the BBC.

Over sixty years ago, Alan Turing was involved in using one of the first general purpose computers to solve the problems of the Comet airliner. The recent Alan Turing exhibition is reviewed here.

Computing has only shown us the hors d’oeuvre. The main course will be spectacular. Unless of course politicians decide that analysing data should not be allowed or made downright difficult.

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Institutional Bank Transfers Have Really Got Better

Today is a Monday and I was surprised to see my monthly pension payment had arrived in my bank account overnight.

A few months ago, the transfer would be in a pending pot, but I wouldn’t have been able to use it for probably three days.

I could blow it all today, on a wheel nut for a Lamborghini.

The only users in this process are the banks.

I always remember my friend, David, who rose to the top of a major clearing bank, telling me that they got a third of their profits from overnight money.

So they won’t be getting the interest payment, when they lend out my pension money for two days. Unless of course, they lent it out for Friday and Saturday nights!

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