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Kirkstall Forge – A New Station For Leeds

Kirkstall Forge station is currently being built on the line between Leeds and Bradford. I took this ratrher bad picture from a crowded train, as my train took me into Leeds.

Kirkstall Forge - A New Station For Leeds

Kirkstall Forge – A New Station For Leeds

The station is being built to serve the large residential and business development at Kirkstall Forge.

Surely, every large development needs to be connected properly to the local public transport system. This would appear to be a good example, which is good for everyone. The property developers must have a big selling point to their properties, as frequent electric trains will take people to nearby city centres and business districts. We must not commit the mistakes of the 1960s, where we built large new towns or estates, like Skelmersdale and Thamesmead without a rail or rapid transit connection





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