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Could The Various Lines At Brixton Be Connected?

In their Transport Infrastructure Plan for 2050, Transport for London are proposing a Brixton High Level station.

As they have also proposed interchanges at also Brockley and Penge in the plan, I suspect they have found expertise and equipment to create multi-level stations, where lines cross, in an affordable manner.

The problem at Brixton is best explained in this Google Map.

Brixston Station

Brixston Station

The line across the middle of the map carries Overground services to and from the terminus at Clapham Junction, whereas the two merged lines go off roughly north-westerly towards Victoria. The southerly of the branches goes south towards Herne Hill, whilst the northernly branch going towards Loughborough Junction. This schematic from Wikipedia may explain it better.

Lines Through Brixton

Lines Through Brixton

The Overground, Thameslink and the Victoria Line are shown in orange, pink and blue respectively.

The only conclusion that is worth saying is that it’s all very complicated. The big advantage that they now have compared to a few years ago, is that much better 3D design software is available.

In TfL’s plan a rough estimate of £25million is given for each of these interchange stations. Some will cost less and some will cost more.

I think Brixton will not be one of the more affordable stations, although it could be one with a high return.

There are various options for connections at Brixton and TfL will probably limit the interchanges to the ones that are most used.

For instance, would there be much point in linking the Victoria Line to the services between Victoria and Orpington, as they both serve Victoria?

Also, as after this summer, the big constraint on frequency on the Victoria Line will be the reversing of trains at Brixton.  Under Future Projects for the Victoria Line, Wikipedia says this.

For many years there have been proposals to extend the line one stop southwards from Brixton to Herne Hill. Herne Hill station would be on a large reversing loop with one platform. This would remove a critical capacity restriction by eliminating the need for trains to reverse at Brixton. The Mayor of London’s 2020 Vision, published in 2013, proposed extending the Victoria line “out beyond Brixton” by 2030.

I would suspect this will be done in the near future, as it both increases Victoria Line capacity and it gives an alternative link between the Victoria Line and services between Victoria and Orpington.

Brixton Underground station has recently been refurbished and is pretty-much step-free from the street.

So it would appear that substantial improvement at Brixton could be achieved by creating a High Level station linking the various lines together and perhaps using an iconic lift tower to the ground.

Brixton needs an iconic creation to go with the vibrancy of the area, that doesn’t destroy everything. This could be the High Level station. Having seen the way that the walkway was threaded through at Hackney, I think there are at least one set of engineers and architects up to the challenge.

Brixton doesn’t need a boring station, but one that is exciting, bold and supremely practical for passengers and staff.




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  4. Brixton NR station should be rebuilt on the level serving both lines to the west of Brixton Road, with new escalators down to the Victoria line

    Comment by Bryn Davies | May 29, 2016 | Reply

    • I agree and am currently writing a big post about the creation of a South London Metro, based on a brilliant idea of a tunnel under Brixton for the fast Victoria to Kent lines.

      I wrote about it here.

      The great thing, is that it would cause no construction chaos in Brixton.

      Comment by AnonW | May 29, 2016 | Reply

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