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What Does The Left Know About The Economic Views Of The Man On The Dalston Omnibus?

London’s buses went cashless on the 6th July 2014, as was reported in the Guardian. The system has now expanded so you can use contactless payments on Buses, Underground, Overground, trams and National Rail in Greater London. And recently ApplePay has been allowed!

According to the Left and the Greens, this was going to result in all sorts of problems for passengers. But from what I can tell, the only thing suffering is the Oyster Card, as those on the Dalston Omnibus, would prefer their spare cash sitting in their bank account, rather than on an Oyster card, they will probably mislay.

I have extensive Google Alerts trying to locate problems with the system and I can’t find anything.

So so much for the competence of the economics of the Left Wing of British Politics!

I am surprised that we haven’t seen more special offers with contactless ticketing like Fare Free Friday to promote Mastercard.

Supposing someone like Highland Spring, wanted to promote their water and gave you say twenty pence every time, you used your contactless card on the system. This might appear on your credit or bank card statement as.

Keep hydrated on the Tube with Highland Spring.

It could be coupled with water vending machines all over the place.

I think if the prices and rewards were got right, it could be a winner.


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