The Anonymous Widower

The Curse Of The Coeliac Traveller

On Tuesday with my jaunt round the East Midlands, the weather played its part in that my intended pit-stop in Carluccio’s at Lincoln had to be cancelled because of the rain. This wasn’t too serious as I’d had a double-egg pot at Leon in Kings Cross before I left.

I could have got something in Nottingham before I went up the Robin Hood Line, but I decided to do the trip to Worksop first.

Unlike many other main stations like Birmingham, Cambridge, Manchester Piccadilly and Sheffield, there is no Marks and Spencer Simply Food, so there was nothing gluten-free to eat in Nottingham station. Except possibly salads and a banana, which I’ve eaten so much of on my travels, that aversion therapy has worked its evil magic.

After returning from Worksop, I had about forty minutes to get something to eat before catching the hourly train to Peterborough to get home. This was not enough time to have a meal in any number of places in Nottingham, so I decided to go to the city centre to get some sandwiches in Marks and Spencer. But they didn’t have any!

I was quite hungry by now, but luckily I found a Holland and Barrett, where I bought a couple of EatNakd bars to replace the two I’d brought from London and eaten en route.

After all I only needed to keep going for another couple of hours until London, where I could either eat at Kings Cross/St. Pancras or after a short bus ride to Islington.

I got to Peterborough with ease and then I sat for an hour in a train waiting for clearance to leave.

But it never did, as there had been someone killed by a train at Sandy.

So in the end hunger got the better of me and I left the train and walked in to Peterborough to get some supper in Carluccio’s.

I finally got home at eleven, which was about three hours later than planned.

I do wish that people wouldn’t practice assisted dying using trains!

It must be so much easier for non-coeliacs to travel, as they can pop-in to so many places to buy a sandwich or a burger.

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