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Up And Down The Robin Hood Line

The Robin Hood Line was one of the first old railways to reopen.

It had been closed in the nineteen-sixties to save money, although parts were kept open to serve collieries and power stations.

It had then been reopened in the nineteen-nineties.

These pictures show the line as I rode from Hucknall to Worksop and back to Nottingham.

It is not an unattractive line, with the least attractive thing about the line being the Class 156 train.

Two branch lines are likely to be developed.

The proposed Ollerton branch leaves to the East, North of Shirebrook station.

Shirebrook Station

Shirebrook Station

And the Branch that leads to the Erewash Valley Line is just South of Kirkby-in-Ashfield station.

Kirkby-In-Ashfield Station

Kirkby-In-Ashfield Station

A large amount of development could happen to the Robin Hood Line in the next few years.

It has a lot of things going for it.

  1. The Government has backed the extensions to the line.
  2. The track needed is used regularly.
  3. The East Midlands and Nottingham in particular support new railways.
  4. The line could mean an increase in prosperity in the area.
  5. There’s no electrification needed.
  6. If they play their cards right, they should be able to rustle up some rolling stock, if various plans work out.
  7. The funding appears to be in place.

Network Rail also needs an early win and Robin Hood might just steal it for them!

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