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More On The Camden Town Station Upgrade

This document on TfL’s web site gives more details of the proposed capacity upgrade at Camden Town station. This schematic of the tunnels, platforms and walkways shows how the station could look in a few years time.

Camden Town Station Schematic

Camden Town Station Schematic

Note the following.

  • The Northbound platforms are above the South ones.
  • The triple escalators (7) and double lifts (8) at the left, leading down the the circulation space (9), which is shared with two escalators of the existing station.
  • There is a new cross passage between the two Northbound platforms, which means that the interchange between the Northbound  High Barnet and Edgware branches is a simple walk across, as it is now in the current station.
  • The cross passage between the two Southbound platforms, is a bit more complicated, as the platforms are beneath the level of the circulation space. Judging by the large ends of the passage in the schematic, I suspect that as at Angel short escalators will give access to the platform.
  • These short escalators would also help those passengers, who’ve gone the wrong way, as we all done from time to time, change direction.
  • Would the current cross-platform connections with their steps down to the Southbound platforms just be refurbished or would they be changed to give a direct step free connection between the two Southbound platforms?
  • The current emergency stairs are shown and I suspect that a bit of remodelling in this area, could improve cross-platform connections.

At a first look I see two problems with the design.

Obviously, the route between the two Northbound platforms and to the circulation space and the lifts is step-free, but I can’t see how this is the case for the Southbound platforms. It could be that lifts will be provided to access the platforms from the circulation space, or the main lifts will go down another level to what appears to be a a second cross passage, which appears to connect the two Southbound platforms and by-pass the stair or escalators to the circulation space.

I also can’t see how the station could be connected to Camden Road station. Unless the route from say escalators and lifts down from the London Overground station feed into a tunnel, which is an extension Northwards from the lift lobby.

An uncovered walking route between the two Camden stations, is not a solution that is acceptable, in the present and passengers in the future will demand something a lot better.

I shall be going to the exhibition in the next couple of days and all will probably be clear.


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