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Crossrail 2 October 2015 – New Southgate Station

This post looks at the works around New Southgate station.

I’ve known this area for over sixty years, as when my father used to take me to his printing works in Wood Green, he would drive past New Southgate and Alexandra Palace stations. Some parts have hardly changed in that time.

In my mind Alexandra Palace station will always be Wood Green station, whereas the Piccadilly Line one will always be Wood Green Tube station.

This Google Map show the area.

Crossrail 2 In New Southgate

Crossrail 2 In New Southgate

New Southgate station is in the top left (North East) and Alexandra Park is at the bottom.

Note the following.

  • The Hertford Loop Line branches off North of Alexandra Palace station to the North East.
  • The station on this line is Bowes Park.
  • To the right (East) of this junction is Bounds Green Depot, where the long distance expresses to the North are stabled and serviced.Bounds Green Depot is due to be upgraded for the new Hitachi trains that will run the services in the next few years.
  • There is a tunnel between New Southgate and Alexandra Palace stations

In this document on the TfL website entitled New Southgate Station, details are given of how Crossrail 2 will be fitted into the area and connected to the East Coast Main Line. This Google Map shows the area North and South of New Southgate station.

Crossrail 2 Sites At New Southgate

Crossrail 2 Sites At New Southgate

There are three main areas of work-sites, all of which are to the East of the railway. Because of the amount of concrete and industrial roofs, they show up white on the map.

  • The top site alongside Oakleigh Road South (A109) is shown on old maps as being railway sidings, is a proposed site for the train depot and stabling, Crossrail 2 and tnnelling support.
  • The second site squeezed between the railway and North of the A406, will be the station site, where new Crossrail 2 platforms will be built.
  • The third site to the South of the A406, which is now part of the Bounds Green Industrial Estate, will be the actual tunnel portal.

One by-product of all this work could be that the North Circular Road (A406) at this point could be opened out. This Google Map shows the area, where the Crossrail 2 station will go, the bridge over the A406 and the area around the proposed Crossrail 2 tunnel portal.

Crossrail 2 Over The A406

Crossrail 2 Over The A406

Note the following.

  1. The map shows most of the two southern work sites for Crossrail 2.
  2. Looking at this it would appear that the Crossrail 2 tunnel portals will be on that green space alongside the portals of the existing tunnels.
  3. The white almost boot-shaped building will be replaced with Crossrail 2 platforms.
  4. The bridge appears to extend far enough to take the extra Crossrail 2 tracks over the A406. It looks like it is used for truck parking at the moment.
  5. Could the condition and size of the bridge, mean that there would be little disruption to traffic durin construction?
  6. There doesn’t appear to be an demolition of residential property.

I just wonder if a top class architect could give New Southgate a spectacular station above the A406.

I’ve driven under that bridge so many times and can see some form of sculptured steel, brick and glass building with a giant Crossrail roundel advertising its presence.

These pictures were taken as I walked down past New Southgate station and crossed the A406.

The Builder Depot is the boot-shaped building and it looks as if it was built on an old railway embankment.

The North Circular Road was certainly very busy.

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