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The LaMiLo Project

Few have heard of the LaMiLo Project, which is an EU funded project to reduce truck traffic and the consequent air pollution in cities.

I hadn’t until half-an-hour ago, although I knew there were experiments going on at Euston.

This page on the London Councils web site, gives more details about the pilot project in London.

In this pilot a freight train was brought into Euston station in the middle of the night and pallets of goods were unloaded on to smaller trucks for onward delivery in Central London.

This is said on the London Councils web site about the pilot.

The pilot has provided outstanding results; it has seen 50,000 items delivered to over 250 councils building, leading to a 46% reduction in the number of vehicle trips and a 45% reduction in kilometres travelled.

It sounds like an idea worth pursuing. Although Nigel Farage would object to the EU involvement.

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