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From Monument To Westminster Along The East-West Cycle Superhighway

I walked the East-West Cycle Superhighway in two sections, as I crossed the bridges to have lunch on the South Bank by the Tate Modern.

It certainly is getting a move on, with some sections almost ready to open.

A few notes follow.

The Arthur Street Site

A new block is being created on this site, but before that happens, the site is being used to access the underground parts of Bank station.

This map from a TfL document show the site.

The Arthur Street Site

The Arthur Street Site


This fact sheet explains how the Arthur Street Site is to be used. This is said.

To deliver the proposed station improvements there is a need for a worksite in Arthur Street. This site is above the new tunnel alignment, and enables access via a shaft directly down to the new tunnel. This separates the underground tunnelling works from the extensive demolition and basement construction works on the Cannon Street site, facilitating an earlier completion of the tunnelling works and a reduction of the overall impact of the project on the City.

As with everything in the City of London, it all seems very crowded.

Along Upper Thames Street

As the pictures show the Cycle Superhighway is going on the North side of this road.

This road has always been jammed solid with cars, taxis and a lot of trucks.

The construction phase of the Cycle Superhighway isn’t exactly helping traffic flows.

The Millennium Inclinator

The Millennium Inclinator is by the Millennium Bridge and I used it to get up the steps to the bridge, before crossing to get some lunch on the South Bank.

Westward From Blackfriars

After lunch, I crossed back to the North over Blackfriars Bridge and followed the Cycle Superhighway to Westminster station.


As with Cycle Superhighway CS5 from Oval to Pimlico, from what I could see, it seems to be well-designed and built.

I’ll look forward to hiring a bike at one end and riding it to the other.

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