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Enthusiasm For Class 345 Trains

I have read several articles on the new Class 345 trains for Crossrail.

This article from Railway Technology Magazine, which is entitled There has never been a ‘better designed’ train than Crossrail, is particularly enthusiastic.

This is said.

There has never been a train “better prepared or better designed” in the UK than theCrossrail train, London Underground’s managing director Mark Wild told RTM at a visit to Bombardier’s testing facility in Derby.

Speaking to RTM after the first Crossrail train, Class 345, was unveiled and taken for a ride across the Bombardier test track for the first time, Wild sang the many praises of the state-of-the-art vehicle, calling it a “world-class train” for passengers.

“It’s a sensational train. I’m so pleased to see it – it’s so exciting,” he said. “I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with other train procurements in my career and this is definitely the best. This will be a big success – obviously it has to be tested thoroughly, but it is already looks great.”

But of course the proof of the train, will be in the riding.

I can’t wait, until May 2017, when they will start running between Liverpool Street and Shenfield.

I think that Bombardier, Crossrail and TfL are handling the introduction of the trains into service in a way, that means they can handle any teething troubles.


  • Liverpool Street to Shenfield is a self-contained line.
  • By the end of this year, Liverpool Street to Shenfield will have had the extended platforms completed and the power systems upgraded for Crossrail.
  • Bombardier have a facility for servicing trains at Ilford, so the testing will be on their door-step.

Bombardier are also introducing the trains as seven cars, as the platforms at Liverpool Street are too short. But after their lengthening of the Class 378 trains on the Overground, this process probably has no fears for the company.

It will also mean, that when the platforms are lengthened, this can be done at a time, when all the trains are going through the central tunnel.

But to me, the platform lengthening at Liverpool Street has more to it.

The Services section for Crossrail in Wikipedia is saying that only four trains to Gidea Park in the Peak will use Liverpool Street.

Lengthening the platforms for just four trains does seem a lot of work just to allow the standard trains to enter Liverpool Street.

Obviously, if there is a problem like a broken-down train in the tunnel, the ability to use Liverpool Street station as an alternative destination will be valuable.

Or could it be that there are other plans to perhaps run Crossrail trains to Southend Victoria?

I feel the latter would make a lot of sense.

  • The Southend Victoria route, gets much needed new trains.
  • Southend Airport gets a premium service.
  • The use of the upgraded Crossrail route is increased.
  • These trains could perhaps just stop at Stratford, Ilford, Romford, Gidea Park and Shenfield.
  • They could be mechanically and electrically identical to the Crossrail trains, but with a more appropriate interiror.

This is only the same as is happening on the Western Branch, where other services are using Crossrail’s tracks to go to Paddington.

Crossrail is going to be a lot bigger than a cross-London railway called the Elizabeth Line.



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