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European Rules On Platforms Threaten To Slow Down HS2

This is the headline on an article in today’s Sunday Times.

It’s all about people in wheel-chairs having level access to the trains. This is possible on many trains in the UK, but on the Continent, it is generally impossible.

It is probably, yet more fall-out from the different ways the UK and everybody else built their railways.

We went for a small loading gauge, which was probably logical to the engineers at the time, except for Brunel, who wanted a broader track gauge and bigger tunnels and bridges.

Everybody else coming several years later went for their own gauges, many of which were larger.

We even built larger gauge railways in Ireland and India.

So everywhere you are getting problems to create a standard that is acceptable to all.

In the December 2016 Edition of Modern Railways, there is an article by Roger Ford entitled Electrical Clearances: The Plot Thickens. This would appear to be another manifestation of the same problem.

We will have to find a solution, as otherwise places like Liverpool, which will not have a dedicated high speed station, will not get a high speed service, as the high speed trains will always have to stop at high speed platforms.

In my view, this is a problem, where politicians should be banned from having an opinion. We need to have platform heights at x, y and z and be xx away from any electrical wires.

Give a simple standard to the train building companies and the engineers and see what they come up with!


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