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Manchester United By Ordsall Chord

The title of this post is the same as that of this article in Rail Engineer.

These two paragraphs introduce the article.

With the timetable change on 10 December, passengers were able to travel directly between Manchester’s Victoria and Oxford Road stations over the Ordsall Chord for the first time. Although initially there are only six trains a day each way over the chord, May 2018 will bring big changes with a major timetable recast for the North Western electrification and to make best use of the Ordsall Chord.

This will increase the train services over the chord to three trains an hour each way and provide a direct link between Piccadilly and Victoria station. These trains will be a mix of TransPennine Express and Northern Rail services from Manchester Airport to Leeds and beyond. Liverpool to Scarborough trains will be routed via Victoria instead of Piccadilly.

The words show thew complexity of the project to create the Ordsall Chord.

Some facts, history and points are given in the article.

  • The chord will mean trains won’t have to reverse at Piccadilly so often.
  • Platform space will be used more efficiently at Piccadilly.
  • The frequency of trains between Deansgate and Piccadilly will be4 increased by three trains per hour.
  • Platforms 13 and 14 will be improved by platform refurbishment and better staff organisation.
  • Longer trains and digital signalling will improve capacity.

Read the article for full details.

After reading the article, I feel that by good old-fashioned operational research and squeezing improvements everywhere , that a significant increase in capacity can be created.




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  1. Sadly no trains are travelling between Manchester Piccadilly and Victoria via the chord.

    The only trains that do (1P02 & 1P03 MIA YRK) reverse at Salford Crescent 😦

    Electrification between Bolton and Preston has been delayed again, and will probably be further delayed as a major contractor is Carillion. IMO this will cause further knock on delays in utilising the chord properly.

    Comment by Mark Clayton | January 19, 2018 | Reply

    • I’m staying at Horwich tonight.

      I think that there’s a plan to get round Carillion

      Did you see HS2 has brought forward Toton? Sensible as it gives those jobless subbies somethibg to do! It does mean cash flow is brought forward, but then Carillion’s failure will delay other projects and push back cash flow.

      Carillion projects aren’t soread evenly across the country, so starting selected projects early coukd have a big effect. There are very few Carrilion projects in London, but lots of building projects that need soecialist staff.

      Comment by AnonW | January 19, 2018 | Reply

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