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Is The Answer To Transport Problems 42?

This article in Rail Magazine is entitled Adaptable Carriage Secures Government funding.

This is the first two paragraphs.

Product development company 42 Technology has secured £350,000 worth of Government funding towards developing a system that can turn passenger carriages into goods vehicles.

The Adaptable Carriage system allows seats and tables to be stowed within three minutes, creating space for cargo that would normally be sent by road. 42 Technology envisages the system being employed on quieter off-peak services to carry low-density, high-value goods. It could also be used to create storage space for wheelchairs and bicycles, if required.

It is an idea that could work.

Take a route like Felixstowe to Ipswich, that I used to know well.

It gets commuter traffic at both ends of the working day.

But if it’s sunny and fine, the service would need extra space for bicycles and buggies for passengers going to enjoy the sea air.

The ability to be able to convert seats to bicycle, buggy and wheel-chair spaces might generate extra traffic.

That is only a simple example, but surely there are possibilities on routes between big cities for high-value traffic.

Red Star Parcels used to work well fifty years ago, so why shouldn’t a high speed parcels service work in this day and age?

During the Peak Hours all carriages would be setup for seats. but at other times, seats would be stowed to allow freight and parcels on wheeled pallets to be carried.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Surely, only a company specialising in unusual designs in Cambridge, Shoreditch or California would call itself 42 Technology.

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