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Thoughts On The Liberal Democrats Manifesto

This article on the BBC is entitled Liberal Democrats Manifesto: 12 Key Policies Explained.

I feel that there is some scientifically incorrect thinking on both the part of the Liberal Democrats and the BBC.

Here are my thoughts.

Note that the numbers are those in the BBC article.

4. Generate 80% Of Electricity From Renewables By 2030

The BBC article says this about this proposal.

We are already on a path of rapid decarbonisation – with 40% of our electricity produced by wind, solar and biomass in the third quarter of this year.

And recent government projections suggest that contribution is set to rise to just under 50% over the next decade.

So the Liberal Democrats’ plan for 80% would mean the extremely rapid construction of many more solar farms and wind turbines on land and out at sea.

I think that the BBC are underestimating the City of London and especially, the big pension providers and insurance companies like Aviva, Aberdeen Standard, L & G and lots of others.

These companies need safe long-term investments and offshore wind, soplar farms and energy storage, fit the bill extremely well. In World’s Largest Wind Farm Attracts Huge Backing From Insurance Giant, I discuss how Aviva are backing renewable energy.

If the Government doesn’t annoy the City, it may well be possible to persuade companies to invest in renewable energy projects.

5. Tax Frequent Flyers

This will have various effects.

  • A family, who fly regularly to their weekend house in Bordeaux would take the train. This is beneficial.
  • More people will use their cars on short trips to the Continent. This is not beneficial.
  • Long haul passengers might find it cheaper to fly to say Australia, by taking a train to Paris or Schipol airports. This is not beneficial and already happens in Europe, where people drive to Schipol.

I am all for discouraging people not to fly, but I do feel that it fight be better to plant trees to offset the carbon.

7. Legalise Cannabis

Cannabis is a difficult problem.

  • I believe that we don’t know enough about the long term effects of taking cannabis.
  • I also think we don’t know enough about itsw theraupeutic uses.
  • I wouldn’t take it now, but if I was dying a painful death, I might try anything.

I also feel that my son was coeliac like me and his heavy use of cannabis and gluten ruined his immune system, which meant his body didn’t fight the early stages of the pancreatic cancer, that killed him.

8. Freeze Train Fares

This is one of those policies, that looks good on paper and goes down well with voters.

But look what happened on the North London Line, when new trains and more frequent services were introduced nearly ten years ago.

Passenger numbers increased dramatically and since then, the number of trains has been increased to match.

On many routes, a fare freeze would create a similar rise in passengers, so make sure the numbers are correct and the necessary new trains are ordered, refurbished or sourced.


Politicians never think out their policies fully!

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  1. 4. It is not just accelerating renewable generation, but reducing use by insulating homes etc. On the latter the government cancelled the Green Deal in 2016.
    5. There are often unintended consequences of taxes and I remember meeting a gent who had driven to Schipol from Germany in 1984 (his flight to NY from there had been cancelled), however it is already the case that it may be worth rebooking long haul at CDG or AMS.
    7. Better if it is legal, controlled and taxed.
    8. This is to counter the inflation plus x% model used for over a decade. A similar escalator for road fuel prices de facto ended during the crash.

    Comment by R. Mark Clayton | November 21, 2019 | Reply

  2. As a life long LibDem my main concern is that Jo Swinson says she will revoke Article 50 immediately – she won’t win the election, but may well be part of a coalition; and she may make that part of a coalition deal. And it would cause public disorder. I have no doubt about that.

    Comment by Liz P | November 22, 2019 | Reply

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