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UK’s Pivot Power Sees First Battery On Line By 2021

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Argus Media.

The article is a review of what is happening in the UK and this is the introductory paragraph.

UK firm Pivot Power is now targeting a 2021 start for its first two 50MW lithium-ion battery storage projects, while a 50MW liquid air energy storage project and another 50MW battery recently announced they were targeting completion by 2022.

The article gives several pieces of information about Pivot Power.

  • Their two batteries are at Kemsley and Cowley.
  • The two batteries appear to be running late.
  • The company has a portfolio of forty projects with s total size of 2 GW.
  • The Cowley battery will be co-located with a 2MW/5MWh Vanadium flow battery operated by storage firm redT.
  • Pivot Power is owned by EdF.

Good to see redT involved, although they seemed to have merged with Avalon Battery to form Invinity Energy Systems. The new web site describes them as the world’s leading vanadian-flow battery company.

This page on the web site is the Press Release about the merger.

This paragraph from the Press Release, describes where vanadium flow batteries fit in the market.

Vanadium flow batteries are a form of heavy-duty, stationary energy storage, used primarily in high-utilisation applications such as being coupled with industrial scale solar generation for distributed, low-carbon energy projects. This sort of application requires daily, heavy use and is well suited to flow battery technology, which is expected to become a £3.5bn market by 2028.

I don’t know much about vanadium-flow technology, but this company could probably be added to a list of companies, who might make it.


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