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Police Shut Down Illegal Halloween Parties And A Christening

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on the Evening Standard.

This is the opening paragraph.

Police were called to break up 11 illegal lockdown parties in the capital over the Halloween weekend – including a 1,000 people rave in East London.

The police were also called to a Christening, where a £10,000 fixed-penalty notice was handed out.

When will people learn that Careless Meeting Costs Lives.

Perhaps we should avoid the two R-words; rave and religion to keep the all important R-number down.

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  1. Sadly I don’t think people will get the concept of Careless Meeting Costs Lives until it costs the life of one of their family or friends. There were photos on the MEN website of people on Market St in Manchester City Centre; they were not socially distanced, there were too many of them. Apparently the shops are running out of essentials again. Over the past few months since shielding supposedly ended, Neil has been to local supermarket, and has very slowly over time built up a reserve of essentials – gluten free bread, longline skimmed milk – the only milk I will drink – and other odd things. Not panic buying by any means. And since for many many years we have always done a monthly “big shop” and just done a fruit and veg shop every week or so. Now it is only a fruit shop because Neil grows all our veg, and some of our fruit.

    We have had a family bereavement due to covid, and friends have lost people as well. But so many people just don’t realise what we are dealing with.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | November 2, 2020 | Reply

  2. Interesting what you say about losing friends and family.

    I haven’t lost anybody, except one friend, who told me about two weeks before he died that he had inoperable brain cancer. Most of my friends in the South seem to have not lost anybody.

    I have talked it through with the practice nurse and the manager of the LEON, where I regularly go for breakfast as it’s opposite a big Marks and Spencer, with a bus outside to get home.

    Both these ladies are well-built, black and I reckon in their forties and both have said they’ve not lost friends or family. Although, the nurse did touch wood.

    I just think, that the virus is much less common in the South, except in certain areas.

    I got a few essentials in this morning, including packs of smoked mackerel from Arbroath, which I could live on.

    Comment by AnonW | November 2, 2020 | Reply

    • There are different strains, it seems – maybe the southern English virus is a different strain from the one circulating in the north. Probably climatic conditions – especially temperature, humidity etc – make a difference. Apparently Covid likes the dry atmosphere of an over-heated home, but it also likes damp and/or chilly places like meat-packing factories.

      Comment by Stephen Spark | November 2, 2020 | Reply

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