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My Strange Relationship With Vitamin B12

For the last couple of days my eyesight has not been its best.

My typing has been not of its usual quality for a one handed typist and I even have had difficulty with doing up my shoe laces. So much so, that yesterday, I wore my best slip-on shoes with a royal warrant from the Queen.

My INR yesterday was 2.2, which is within range.

Last night, I decided to give myself a pseudo injection of B12 – a tin of sardines and two eggs baked in the oven. Serial Cooking -Sardines And Baked Eggs gives the recipe and full instructions.

  • My typing this morning is so much better.
  • I just tied my shoe laces with alacrity.
  • But my INR has risen to 3.3.

I do wonder, if after my stroke, that my brain directs the B12 to the damaged areas and that those, who advocate B12 after stroke are right!

As to the INR, I’ve just found this page on Valve

But as a Control Engineer, I have the solution. Test my INR every day.

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  1. I agree, testing daily is important. I test my blood sugars a couple of times a day, but because I am not on insulin, I have to fund my own monitor, lancets and test strips. Which is quite expensive. I am lucky, I can afford it, but there must be many people for whom it is impossible to afford them.

    I have the B12 injections every 12 weeks – however the previous one when I phoned to make the appointment I was told that I couldn’t go before a particular date because I couldn’t have it until the full threee months were up. 12 weeks and 3 months are NOT the same. I actually ended up around 15 weeks and I was clearly not well at all. So it now says every 12 weeks, can have it up to 2 weeks before that.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | July 14, 2021 | Reply

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