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UK’s Rude Place Names To Be Toured By Man On Moped

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

This paragraph gives a flavour of the route.

His journey will begin in Shitterton, Dorset, on Wednesday and will take in locations such as Twatt in Orkney and Booze in the Yorkshire Dales.

Mary Whitehouse would not have been amused, but I suspect many will find some of the names raise more than a titter.

This is the JustGiving page of the guy doing what he calls the Moronic Moped Marathon. The money raised will go towards Cancer Research.

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  1. The proceeds will specifically go to the Institute of Cancer Research.
    To quote from recent PR –
    “The ICR discovers more new cancer drugs than any other academic centre in the world and the ICR and The Royal Marsden jointly run one of the world’s largest phase I clinical trial centres. They work with a diverse range of biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device and software companies.”

    The ICR was created by the Royal Marsden, the first hospital in the world dedicated to the study and treatment of cancer.

    The Royal Marsden charity is extraordinarily effective as a fund raising machine, and has maintained its human touch.

    Comment by John Robin St.Clair | August 17, 2021 | Reply

    • Thanks for that additional information.

      I’ve always found that adding humour is a great way to improve fundraising.

      Comment by AnonW | August 17, 2021 | Reply

  2. Martin Clunes was on HIGNIFY and detailed place names nanny-net or similar had censored, these included the ‘obvious’ Penistone and Scunthorpe as well as Lightwater “You will have to think about that one”!

    Of course,_Upper_Austria was renamed only last year, but mostly because the signs kept getting stolen…

    Comment by R. Mark Clayton | August 17, 2021 | Reply

  3. I always thought that Pratts Bottom in Kent deserved a Station !

    Comment by Melvyn | August 17, 2021 | Reply

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