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HS2 Tech Incubator Bases Start-Ups On Site

The title of this post, is the same as that of this press release from HS2.

This is the introductory paragraph.

The latest cohort of the successful Innovation Accelerator initiative will base tech start-ups with project’s main civil engineering contractors to help tailor innovative solutions for the construction industry.

After discussing the aims, the press release then lists five SMEs.

Silicon Microgravity, a SME spun out from Cambridge University research, is developing non-invasive next-generation gravity sensors to identify underground hazards that could be deployed for ground investigation surveys and utility diversion planning.

EHAB is developing hyper-local weather forecasting and using A.I. to optimise daily works schedules according to when or if rain is due. Reducing weather-related delays helps to maintain programme timetables and control costs.

Immense Simulations will further develop its A.I.-based strategic and operational transport planning tool to de-risk the effects of works traffic on local road networks. The technology could also help plan for the effects future that HS2 stations could have on traffic movements in surrounding areas.

Consequence has developed “carbon accounting” technology that illustrates the full carbon content of construction materials used on HS2.   

Mafic is developing technology to enhance productivity and protect delivery schedules.

My experience of science, data analysis and writing a lot of database and project management software, leads me to the conclusion, that these companies have been well-chosen and a majority will be a success.

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