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Norway Has Room For 338 GW Of Offshore Wind, New Analysis Finds

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This is the sub-heading.

Norway has the potential to develop up to 338 GW of offshore wind in areas with a low level of conflict, according to a new analysis performed by Multiconsult and commissioned by the industry organisation Norwegian Offshore Wind, Equinor, Source Galileo, Hafslund and Deep Wind Offshore.

These two paragraphs are the main findings of the report.

The report, issued on 14 April, maps 28 areas as suitable for floating wind and 18 areas for fixed-bottom offshore wind, estimating the total potential installed capacity to be 241 GW at 5 MW/km2 and 338 GW at 7 MW/km2.

Of this, floating wind could account for 156 GW and up to 219 GW, while fixed-bottom capacity is between 85 GW and 119 GW.

So how does that figure look for the UK?


  • The UK has an Exclusive Economic Zone of 773,676 sq. kilometres.
  • But if you include overseas territories, the UK’s area is 6,805,586 sq. kilometres and is the fifth largest in the world.
  • Norway has an Exclusive Economic Zone of 2,385,178 sq. kilometres.

So taking the 338 GW figure for Norway and ignoring overseas territories, we could generate 109.6 GW.

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