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92 Clubs – Objectives

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Obviously, the first objective is to see if I can raise a tidy sum for Cancer Research. Mainly this will be through donations or sponsorship, but I’m always open for any wacky ideas that will increase the amount of money I raise.

But it would be nice to do achieve other things and also review how easy it is to get around this country supporting a football team by train and bus.

For instance, I’ve spent the last eighteen months or so all travelling over the UK and have thoroughly enjoyed it. From a train you get a totally different experience of the country.  But I have at least proved, that not having a car, is no deterrent to the serious traveller.

So publicising the good and bad points of travelling by train is defintely an objective.

It is also about having fun on my part and for that reason, I’m meeting all the costs like train fares, food and hotels where needed myself.

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