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Rugby Goal-Light Technology Trial At Principality Stadium

The title of this post is the same as that on this article on the BBC.

This is the first paragraph.

New technology to light up rugby posts in different colours to show whether a kick is successful was trialled at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium.

Although, I’m not registered blind, I do have problems with spotting movement in certain light conditions and at certain angles.

If I regularly went to rugby, these lights could improve my experience.

They are a good idea.

What puzzles me, is that the post says they could be used in American Football.

You’d have thought that the Americans would have already done it, but obviously they haven’t!



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Do You Have To Be Fat And Ugly To Play Rugby These Days?

I watched the England Scotland rugby last night on the iPlayer.  It strikes me that the forwards are now getting to be so heavy that they wouldn’t be out of place in sumo wrestling. The backs too, aren’t small any more and would some of the great players of the past like Jeremy Guscott, Phil Bennett, the Underwoods or even Jonny Wilkinson ever get a game these days?

Clive Woodward wasn’t impressed either with the number of players with beards, who could have been extras in a film about the Vikings.

Rugby seems to be going the same route as American football, where size is everything. Parents, I suspect will start to keep their children away from the game, as it will get too dangerous, with all that weight running about.  You read reports from the United States, where football is on the rise over the American version, simply because it is a safer game for normal people.

And talking about American football, why is the BBC spending my licence fee, on covering it so much?

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