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Underneath And Above The Arches

London Fields station has improved in some ways with Overgroundisation since I wrote Before Overground – London Fields in September 2014.

It just shows what you can do with an army of cleaners and painters. And a touch of Overground Orange!

But there is still the problem of step-free access to solve.

This Google Map shows how difficult this could be.

London Fields Station

London Fields Station

The site is cramped, with the platform and stairs for the Liverpool Street platform squeezed between the slow and fast lines.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Transport for London, put the addition of step-free access to this station at the very back of the queue.

Unless of course, they could persuade a developer to do something very imaginative and expensive, which they can market as having its own station and a large park with an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

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Before Overground – London Fields

A Station With an Excellent Bakery/Cafe – Rating 3/10

London Fields station is another station on the Lea Valley Lines with no decent access.


As I arrived a Japanese lady was struggling down the stairs with her three-year-old, a buggy and a scooter.

The reason she was coming was to visit the E5 bakehouse and cafe. It was so full, that I couldn’t get my intended cup of tea.

As you can see from the pictures, Network Rail have done a superb job in creating a series of small workshops in the railway arches.

It’s just a pity, that the access at the station wasn’t fixed at the same time.

As the station has only had a frequent service since 2005. was this one of those stations that British Rail hoped would quietly die?

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