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Details Of London Overground Night Services Released

The title of this post is the same as that of this article in Global Rail News.

This is said.

Overground trains will run 24 hours a day on Fridays and Saturdays between New Cross Gate and Dalston Junction. There are plans to extend the service to Highbury & Islington next year.

Although, I live near Dalston Junction station, I doubt I’ll use the service much. Unless of course, I get a girl-friend in New Cross.

London Overground have done their sums, but I suspect the Night Orange could generate more passengers than predicted.

The East London Line Is Step-Free

All of the stations in the route of the Night Orange are step-free, which can’t be said of the Underground.

Will this have an effect on ridership?

I remember C and myself living in London with three young children. Reliable baby-sitters were difficult, we didn’t have a car and getting around late at night could be difficult.

A step-free line on Friday and Saturday night would have been most welcome.

Transport for London are spending a lot of money on step-free access, so it must be needed.

New Cross Gate, Canada Water, Whitechapel, Dalston Junction and Highbury & Islington Stations Are Good Interchanges

All these stations have several night buses and some have connections with other Night Tube lines.

A lot of difficult journeys will have become simpler.


There is speculation that some parts of Crossrail will operate a night service.

This would have a very useful interchange at Whitechapel.

Other  Transport for London Services

The Wikipedia entry for the Night Tube, says this about other Transport for London services.

The Bakerloo, Waterloo & City and sub-surface lines have yet to be upgraded and re-signalled, but it is expected that when these works are completed on these lines, they will also have 24-hour services. Other services such as London Overground and Docklands Light Railway will have overnight services in the near future to connect with Night Tube services. On the sub-surface lines, night tube services are planned to be introduced on the Metropolitan between Aldgate and Harrow-on-the-Hill, District line between Barking and Wimbledon, and on the Hammersmith & City line between Hammersmith & Tower Hill.

One of these predictions has already happened, in that I’m writing about the East London Line of the London Overground.

Surely connecting to the Docklands Light Railway at Shadwell and the sub-surface lines at Whitechapel will generte a lot of traffic.

Surely, running a Night DLR would be one of the easiest to implement.

The City Of London And Canary Wharf

Increasingly, and especially post-Brexit, the jobs in the Financial Sector will become more-and-more-24/7.

Predicting, how this will affect passenger traffic on the Night Tube in general and the East London Line in particular will be extremely difficult.

But the increasing availability of the Night Tube in the financil districts must encourage some jobs like software testing to use the night time creatively.

So the only thing I’ll say about TfL’s forecast for traffic on the Night Tube at Shoreditch High Street station, is that it will be very wide of the mark.

What Next For The Night Orange?

I couldn’t finish these thoughts without speculating, which of the other London Overground lines will be running a night service in the next few years.

It must be mathematically correct to say that as increasing numbers of stations across London have services on Friday and Saturday nights, that a higher percentage of late night journeys across the capital will be possible by public transport. So we could see an increase in passengers, every time new lines and stations are added.

Currently, there is one big gap in the Night Tube and that is that the Bank Branch of the Northern Line has no service. This is due to the ongoing work at Bank station to reconstruct the branch. When this line is inevitably added in a few years time, it will be interesting to see how traffic on the Night Tube changes.

So which of the various Overground lines will get a Night service?

East London Line

The Night Orange on the East London Line, that starts in a few weeks only serves a short part of the line.

Will the service be extended?

I suspect that after the proposed service has bedded in, an assessment will be made, as to whether the service should be extended.

Gospel Oak To Barking Line

It is my view that this will be the surprise line to get a Night Orange service.

  • It curves in a convenient arc across North and East London.
  • The line is only shared with freight services.
  • Barking station will probably be getting Night Tube services in the next few years on the District or Hammersmith and City  Lines.
  • It has reasonable connections to other Night Tube services.

But as it has just been electrified and relaid, and was re-signalled a few years ago, I suspect that the work has been done, so that a Night Orange service is not impossible.

Liverpool Street Services

The three Overground services out of Liverpool Street to Cheshunt, Chingford and Enfield Town have the following characteristics.

  • All the stations they serve are managed by Transport for London.
  • The lines are pretty much self-contained.
  • Liverpool Street could have several Night Tube services and Crossrail in a few years.
  • Will there be large late night events at White Hart Lane?
  • The platforms at Liverpool Street used by the services are a separate group at one side of the station.

Incidentally, I went through Liverpool Street station at one in the morning recently and it was heaving.

I would put a high chance on this group of lines having a Night Orange service. Although services may not go the full length of the lines.

Romford To Upminster Line

The Romford to Upminster Line will probably only run a Night Orange service, if Crossrail serves Romford station and the District Line serves Upminster station with Night Tube services.

I think though it is unlikely to be run. Although, it is Essex!

South London Line

I suspect this will be under review and based on the success or failure of the Night Orange on the East London Line, decisions will be taken.

Watford DC  Line

This line is closely linked with the Bakerloo Line and I would suspect a Night Orange on this line would be carefully planned with a similar saervice on the Bakerloo Line.

West London Line

If the Night Orange works in the East, why not run it in the West between Clapham Junction and Willesden Junction. Especially, when Old Oak Common station opens for HS2 in 2025.

One factor that could affect this service is the Gibb Report recommendation, that Southern’s East Croydon to Milton Keynes service be transferred to the London Overground.

I wrote about this service in Gibb Report – East Croydon – Milton Keynes Route Should Be Transferred To London Overground.

How far would a Night Orange service go?

North London Line

This would be the big one, so I’ve left it to last.

Stratford is already served by Night Tube services, so would be an obvious Eastern terminal.

It could prove a valuable link across North London, especially after big events at Stratford or the O2.

But how far will it go?

Trains could be turned back at Highbury and Islington, Camden Road, Gospel Oak, Willesden Junction, South Acton and Richmond on the North London Line. Or they could go to Clapham Junction on the West London Line.

There are a lot of possibilities.


The Overground could be starting a Night Orange Revolution.

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The First Year Of The Night Tube

This article on City AM has a title of The Night Tube has topped expectations by boosting London’s economy by £171m in its first year.

This is a paragraph that details the economic effects.

Figures released to mark the first anniversary of the service show that the Night Tube is expected to top 8m journeys this weekend – which will be 15 per cent more than forecast, and has boosted London’s economy by £171m in its first year, supporting more than 3,600 jobs.

When you consider that Friday and Saturday night running has been achieved without any visible new infrastructure, this must be considered a good result.

It’s even created a few more jobs on the Underground, so why were the unions against the concept at the start? This is detailed in this section called Strike Action in the Night Tube entry in Wikipedia.


I have been following the Night Tube and it appears the only serious overnight death on the Underground, since the Night Tube started was the death of a student on a section of the Underground, that was not part of the Night Tube.

The couple of times, I’ve used the Night Tube, most of the passengers seems to be workers going to and from their jobs. Some looked tired, but serious drunks were noticeable by their absence.

Gatwick Airport

I was going to Victoria to get the Gatwick Express to the Airport and the Night Tube certainly seemed to be becoming a popular route for catching an early flight. I even saw a couple of obvious flight crew.

Cities Outside London

Are other cities following London’s lead?

  • There are grumbles on the Internet about Merseyrail’s early closure.
  • Manchester Metrolink seems to close at eleven.
  • The Nottingham Express Transit seems to close at Midnight.
  • The Sheffield Supertram seems to run from before six in the morning until around midnight.
  • Edinburgh trams seem to run until half an hour before midnight.
  • The Midland Metro don’t say on the web site.
  • The Newcastle Metro runs to around midnight.
  • Blackpool Tramway has a last tram around one in the morning.
  • The Glasgow Subway closes half an hour before midnight most days, but at six on a Sunday.
  • Cardiff trains seem to shut around eleven.

Compare this to the London Underground, where the first train is generally before six and the last one is around or just after midnight.


The Night Tube has been good for London and it will soon be joined by the Night Overground.

With massive investment going into local transport systems in Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle, I wonder which of these cities will follow London’s example.


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London To Get The Night Orange

This article on the BBC is entitled Night Tube: East London route joins 24-hour services.

This is said.

The Overground service will start operating from December on Fridays and Saturdays between New Cross Gate and Dalston Junction.

It is also expected to extend to Highbury and Islington next year, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said.

I am a bit surprised that the Southern terminal is New Cross Gate station, as this is not normally a terminus for Overground services, wheras New Cross station does have a four trains per hour (tph) service to Dalston Junction station all day.

On the other hand New Cross Gate station has the following advantages.

  • Services could be extended Southwards to other stations in the future.
  • New Cross Gate will be a Bakerloo Line station, when that line is extended.
  • Thameslink and other services into London Bridge might call.
  • It might offer an easy link to Gatwick Airport for an early flight.

I think that as Thameslink will be important with all its connections, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Night service on this line, which would make a link to the East London Line useful.


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Should London Take A Leaf Out Of Syriza’s Rule Book?

Tomorrow and Thursday in London, the Underground is on strike.

The strike is to try and get a greater increase in salary to work the new Night Tube, when it opens in September.

If I was Boris, I’d call a referendum with this question.

Do the residents and visitors to London want a night Underground service on Friday and Saturday?

I certainly do! But then the Unions want to rerun the 2015 General Election, where the electorate didn’t like the Labour Party.

Obviously, if it’s a No! vote, then the Mayor and Transport for London would drop the idea of the Night Tube.

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