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Where’s The Beard News?

As a beard wearer for fifty years, I wonder if Harry will be hirsute tomorrow, like his great-great-grandfather, George V, was at his wedding.


This article in The Independent discusses the question.

It says this.

  • Beards are not allowed with Army dress uniforms.
  • The Queen is not a fan of beards.

But Harry is a Spencer, and there will be independent thought!



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Where Do New Buses for London Go On Holiday?

According to this story,  LT1 seems to be having a good time in the United States.

Surprisingly, it seems to have lost the green hybrid logos!

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Most Families Have A Harry

Before anybody criticises Prince Harry for his behaviour, they ought to look at their own families.  How many can say, that the behaviour of their father’s and grandfather’s generation were perfect? I certainly can’t! I also know how my father was affected by the premature death of his father.  And Harry of course lost his mother in tragic circumstances. He also does what many would consider a much more dangerous job than his brother does, so perhaps feels he must let off steam more.

It would appear that the only person, he’s really hurt is himself and mainly by making himself look an idiot.  He doesn’t appear to have been nowhere near as stupid, as some of his ancestors were in the first half of the twentieth century.

We should not judge him, until he’s a few years older at least.

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