The Anonymous Widower

How I Met My Wife

My wife and I were together for forty years before she died in 2007.  I say together, as we were effectively living together for a year before we married in 1968.

How we met was unusual, but before I say how, it is worth adding a little bit of interesting history to this note.  At the time, along with many of the other students at Liverpool University, I filled in the forms from Operation Match, which was one of the first computer dating agencies.

Two Harvard students — Jeff Tarr and Vaughan Morrill — came up with the idea for Operation Match, a computer dating service, in the mid-1960’s. But they had some help from a Cornell dropout named Douglas Ginsburg.

Did it work?  No!  I got some names, but I don’t think I ever even met any of them.

In my second year at the University, I shared one of the world’s worst flats with three other students in Princes Avenue in Liverpool 8.  Upstairs lived Mike Davidson, who was the Entertainments Secretary of the Students Union.  He was trying to get more students to go to Guild Ball and had the idea of running his own Operation Match.

When I heard of this, I asked if I could have first pick!

And that is how I met my wife.

Interestingly, Douglas Ginsburg seems to have dropped in and is now a senior judge in the United States.

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