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If You Don’t Like the Message, Shoot the Messenger

Professor David Nutt‘s sacking by Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, is a classic case of, “if you don’t like the message, shoot the messenger”. 

I should say now that I have never knowingly taken any illegal drugs.  I say knowingly, as I might have had some cake with cannabis in it in the 1960s or 70s.  On the other hand in those days, I rarely ate cake, so probably that route of illegal imbibing was closed.

I don’t smoke, although I’ve had perhaps a hundred cigarettes in the past, but I do drink some alcohol.  I wish sometimes I do drink less.  But at least since my wife died, I’ve probably only been near the drink-drive limit once.  And that was on my birthday. And at home too!

Now, I’m very much an anti-smoker and don’t let anybody smoke in my house, cars or office.  I’m also pretty much against illegal drugs and a lot of legal ones too.  As a coeliac, I know how ill a banned substance can make my body.  And that is only the gluten found in wheat, barley and rye.

So I think the best advice is to avoid anything that has a negative affect.

But I still drink alcohol.  On the other hand, if a doctor, said to me that I mustn’t drink it, I would find something else like Belvoir Ginger Beer to waste my money on.

Read Professor Nutt’s bio and research history and you’ll see that the word eminent was designed to be used for him.  So when Johnson sacks him for speaking the truth, we should all take note.  On the one hand, we should read and take action on what the Professor says and on the other we should distrust even more what Prudence and his wretched Government, try and bambozzle us with.

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