The Anonymous Widower

Time for Me Yet?

If Colonel Gaddafi can do it at 67, then perhaps I can do it at 62.

On the other I couldn’t afford five hundred beautiful girls, but at least I’d give the handful I could afford something a bit for readable and useful.  I would also allow a much more relaxed, or some might say racy, dress code.

Seriously though, why do we pander to dictators like Gaddafi?

Is it because he is such a charming host or because he has lots of oil?

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Paddling the Guided Busway

Yesterday, I went along the track by the Cambridge Busway at Fen Drayton Lakes, to take a few pictures.

It was lucky that I cycled, as any other mode of transport other than a horse or a canoe, would have meant I’d probably have got very wet.

Flooding on the Cambridge Busway

It prompted me to write a letter to the Cambridge Evening News.

I had an enjoyable day yesterday, cycling at Fen Drayton Lakes using the cycleway alongside the side of the new busway.

What surprised me was that with all the money spent, that they couldn’t get the drainage right.  At times there was at least twenty centimetres of water on the cycleway.  Perhaps not too bad on a bike, but it would be a real deterrent to walkers.

Surely the success of the busway in every respect, depends on getting all the little details correct!

The Cambridge Busway may well be a needed project, but detailed planning seems to have lacking.

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Cambridge Busway Pictures – Swavesey to St. Ives

It was sunnier yesterday, so I took some more pictures of the Cambridge Busway from Swavesey to St. Ives.  I actually parked at Fen Drayton Lakes and used my Brompton.

Incidentally Fen Drayton Lakes looked a great place to take a family and with a stop right in the middle, I hope they get the ticketing for families right.  It has been reported that the two bus companies will not be allowing interchangeable ticketing.

Pictures for the Cambridge to Swavesey section are shown here.

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