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The Ban on Islam4UK

Organisations such as Islam4UK and all the other so-called Muslim organisations, that don’t like the way things are done in the Western World bother me.  But then so do right-wing so-called Christian groups and also those fake religions and cults beloved of celebrities with too much money and not enough common sense.

Most preach fiery hate to unbelievers like me and say we will rot in hell.  That by the way is impossible, as hell doesn’t exist, unless you are stuck on the M25 (put your favourite in here) at the time of a small bump, that the Police decide is worthy of an enormous investigation.

When these groups commit crimes such as murder, assault, kidnapping and extortion, then hopefully they will feel the full force of the law.

So why do they bother me?

Usually the charlatans at the top are clever individuals, who know how to stay out of trouble, by playing the law to the limit.  There are a lot of extreme political organisations, which are just as dangerous and use exactly the same techniques.

But their followers are often not so bright and in some cases can easily be encouraged to  do things that are very much against the law.  These are the ones that do the damage and those that led them on have all the excuses ready.

So Prudence has decided for popular reasons to add Islam4UK to the list of banned organisations.

I’d rather have them out in the open, than as a secretive underground organisation.

I thought this might be a lone view, but read Martin Bentham in the Evening Standard tonight.  Here’s the article.

Today’s ban on Islam4UK and its offshoots is certain to be widely welcomed but its impact is likely to be limited.

The reality is that Anjem Choudary, a lawyer proficient at staying in the bounds of legality, will continue to propagate his extremist message and, if anything, attract even greater attention because of the increased notoriety.

The previous ban on The Saved Sect and Al Ghurabaa was unable to prevent him and his followers reorganising under a different guise, and the same will almost certainly happen this time.

There is also the wider question of whether such an order is proper in a democracy. If extremists’ views, however abhorrent, do not breach laws such as those against incitement to murder and racial hatred, instead of seeking to stifle them it might be better to ignore them — rather than generating yet more publicity.

There is also one very powerful weapon that we should use against all of these people – humour.

Remember in the Second World War nothing was off-limits when combatting the Nazis. Just read this little piece about Spike Jones in 1942. We need him now!

All of these groups give splendid opportunities for satire, ridicule and just plain fun.

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  1. Ave

    I agree with you

    Comment by trimar | January 13, 2010 | Reply

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