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Dr. Chris Steele

Dr. Chris Steele is a TV doctor.  I’ll admit I’d never heard of him before, as he’s on ITV and I try not to watch any program with adverts.

But he has now been diagnosed with coeliac disease as the Daily Mail reports.

I’ve tried to put a comment on the web site, but I can’t seem to get registered.  So I’ll post it here for now.

Dr. Steele’s case is typical. For some reason, doctors miss diagnosing coeliac disease all of the time. I know of a GP with coeliac children, whose husband family have coeliac history, who missed her own coeliac disease. So it is not easy to get right.

In my case, I was not diagnosed until 55, seven years ago. My symptoms were joint pains, chronic dandruff, extreme tiredness, gall stones, migraines, depression, wind, diarrhoea, mood swings etc. etc. But if you trace my family tree and those who probably had coeliac disease, you will notice that no women in the family have had any children. Could it be that the low B12 levels associated with coeliac disease, mean that it is difficult to conceive or carry a baby to full term?

As to eating out, Dr. Steele should try Italy. Just say you are a coeliachai and you get gluten-free pasta in many restaurants. We should follow the Italians and treat the disease very seriously, as how much does the misdiagnosis cost the NHS.

I very pleased of this for two reasons.

  1. Every celebrity who is diagnosed with coeliac disease helps publicise the disease.
  2. His experience shows that when you have been diagnosed the cure is simple and you get better pretty quickly.

So my advice would be if you think you have any of the symptoms of coeliac disease, try a gluten-free diet.  It might not work, but it wouldn’t do you any harm.

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