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Alzheimer’s Disease and Mobile Phones

I was sent an article about gluten-free food and this unrelated extract stood out.

Mobile phones and Alzheimer’s disease Recent research suggests that mobile phone radiation may halt the progression of Alzheimer’s in mice but experts take issue with both the research methods and the report’s conclusions.

A summary of the research offers this explanation.

The researchers showed that exposing old Alzheimer’s mice to the electromagnetic waves generated by cell phones erased brain deposits of beta-amyloid, a protein strongly associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Clumps of beta-amyloid form so-called brain plaques that are a hallmark of the disease.

As an engineer, I’m not surprised if this happens.  Irradiating things has all sorts of effects.  Some are positive and some are downright dangerous.

Now, it has also been shown that low-levels of B12 may lead to Azheimer’s and other brain problems.

It would strike me as an engineer that these two areas of research are perhaps some of first pieces of a jigsaw, that if we can solve it, will lead to ways of possibly delaying the onset of what is a very nasty disease.

I hope so.

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