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The Communication Wall

Sometimes you think of ideas, sometimes they just grow on you.  This is probably not my idea, as someone has probably already thought of it, but who cares, I’ll post my thoughts on it.

Where is Technology Going?

In fact I’ll concentrate on three pieces of technology.

The first is screens.  As I watch this I’m watching the television on a 50 cm. screen.  Not very big, but I know, although I don’t know where it will come from, but that in a few years time, I will be able to have a screen perhaps four metres to two or even bigger.

It will also have all the following features :-

  • Low power, as a screen that size mustn’t act like a space heater.
  • High pixel density, so that small details will be shown well.  I would suspect a density about the same on the average laptop.
  • Touch screen.
  • It might also have other features like being curved and flexible.

How will it be driven?  This leads to the second point.

It would probably be driven by Windows, although it might be bigger than 10,000 x 5,000 pixels.  But the way computing power is going, that will not be a problem.  Remember too, that Windows has the ability to run media displays, do e-mail, show web pages etc. already.

The third piece of technology is apps, such as you see with things like iPhones.

If it is Windows, then these would be easy to write.

I know that I’m biased against Macs, but once the screen is developed it could work with either system.  Or Linux too!  But it needs to be a generally available computer operating system, that people are happy working with.

You also have to take into account that in a few years or even possibly months, all video and audio content will be instantly downloadable.  So if you want to watch Two for the Road, then you just select it and play it over the Internet.

A Few Basic Apps

The screen and its computer driver would support the following :-

  • TV and video. Obviously multiple video screens would be created in different areas of the screen.
  • It would have an e-mail or SMS address or several, so that you could send messages to the screen, or in fact an area of the screen.  How many wives have telephoned their husbands to not forget to put the casserole in the oven?  The message would be flashing in his area of the screen.
  • It would have the ability to just touch the screen and write a message there, just like you can on a whiteboard.  But the computer would remember everything that is written.
  • Obviously, you could also use a remote pointer and keyboard to control everything, but when you touch the screen, you would also have the option of a keyboard.

I hope you get the idea.

The Domestic Wall

This is where I started.

All of the clutter of TV’s, video-players, umpteen remote controls would be reduced to a large screen, decent speakers for sound and a pointing device with a keyboard.  As I said earlier, all video/audio content would usually be over the Internet or from the hard disc of the computer.  Sad to think that albums with all their glorious artwork would be gone, but wouldn’t every audio download have a video feed to go with the sound.

As you could have multiple TV screens, you could monitor several channels at once.  I do this sometimes with say cricket on one channel and football on another, whilst listening to the radio.  You could click and change at will.  Also, if like me you have CCTV cameras here watching horses, then these would be small screens at the edge of the wall.

Or you could show a film or sport on the whole screen.

Then there is the communication aspects.

  • E-mails or SMS messages could be sent to the wall.
  • Replies could also be sent quickly, just using your fingers.
  • Notes could be written for all and sundry.
  • All messages would get remembered.

And why not use it as a giant and funky photo-frame when it is not being used?  Or to introduce subtle and beautiful lighting effects into the room.

Once you get the basic system going then you can add apps, that do specific tasks.

Imagine a shopping app for Waitrose!

You might have a simple scanner, that is wirelessly connected to the screen.  You need two cans of tomatoes, so you just scan one tin, the appropriate number of times.  This would build the basis list on the wall, which can be added to so that your on-line shopping never misses what you need.

The Business Wall

This would be basically be similar, but with more emphasis on messages than TV and video.

But who knows?

After all, because apps would be developed, that would handle various business applications, the world is the system’s oyster.

One thing I bang on about to clients is the need to communicate.  I’ve found that if the company’s performance database is easily available, then the productivity often improves, as managers spend more time managing, than repeating the same messages again and again.  Junior staff too have better information and make better decisions.

The trouble is there are too many managers who believe in mushroom management.

What Next?

Someone develop the screen and the rest as they say will happen!

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