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Advice to a Friend

Whilst at the races I phoned a friend to see if he was at Newmarket.  He wasn’t because he was in Tenerife on holiday.

When I got home, I felt I ought to send him a text to keep him up-to-date on the situation with the flights.  He knows that I used to fly a lot and I’d flown with him several times, so he would have thought I could have a bit more information.  So this is what I said.

I wasn’t on the ball this afternoon.  You’re in Tenerife and the planes aren’t flying. So I rang an old flying friend at Heathrow Air Traffic and asked him what he thought.  He reckons that the weather is stuck and the volcano will get worse and planes are unlikely to fly to the UK for at least 14 days. Phone for more details.

I think he swallowed it.  At least he phoned friends at home and told them he’d be back late.

I hope that I didn’t get the 14 days right.

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