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Wind Farms On The East Coast Of Scotland

This map shows the proposed wind farms off the East coast of Scotland.

There are five wind farms in the map.

  • The green area is the cable corridor for Seagreen 1a
  • Inch Cape is the odd-shaped wind farm to the North and West of the green area
  • Seagreen at the top of the map, to the North of Inch Cape.
  • Marr Bank with the pink NE-SW hatching
  • Berwick Bank with the green NW-SE hatching
  • Neart Na Gaoithe is edged in blue to the South of the green area.

Berwick Bank and Marr Bank are both owned by SSE and appear to have been combined.

These are some more details on each of the now four wind farms.


These are details of the Seagreen wind farm.

  • Seagreen will be Scotland’s largest and the world’s deepest offshore wind farm when complete.
  • The first phase will have 114 turbines and a capacity of 1075 MW.
  • It will connect to the grid at a new substation at Tealing near Dundee.
  • The cables will run to the North of the Inch Cape wind farm.
  • It will be completed in 2023.
  • The second phase (1a), will have 36 turbines.
  • It may have larger turbines.
  • The cables will run in the green area to Cockenzie in East Lothian.

This press release from SSE is entitled Another Milestone For Scotland’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm As 4,800 Tonnes Offshore Platform Completed.

This is the first paragraph.

The topside forms the backbone of the offshore wind farm. At 40 metres long, 45 metres wide and 15 metres high, the heavyweight superstructure’s role is to collect and manage 1,075MW of power generated by the 114 Vestas wind turbines before transferring it ashore via around 60km of offshore subsea cabling.

This platform is used to connect the 114 turbines to the shore.

Inch Cape

This paragraph from the home page of the Inch Cape web site, describes the wind farm.

The Inch Cape Offshore Wind Farm, currently in late stage development, will see up to 72 turbines located 15 km off the Angus Coast and connect to the National Grid at Cockenzie, East Lothian. Once complete, it will be one of Scotland’s largest single sources of renewable energy and power up to 1 million homes with clean electricity.

The home page says it will generate up to 1 GW of electricity.

Neart Na Gaoithe

This sentence for the Wikipedia entry for the Neart Na Gaoithe web site describes the wind farm.

It is being developed by Mainstream Renewable Power at a cost of £1.4bn. Offshore work began in 2020, with completion planned for 2023.

The Wikipedia entry says it will generate up to 450 MW of electricity.

Berwick Bank

These two paragraphs from the project page of the Berwick Bank web site describes the wind farm.

Located in the North Sea, in the outer Firth of Forth, Berwick Bank Offshore Wind Farm has the potential to deliver up to 4.1 GW of installed capacity, making it one of the largest offshore opportunities in the world.

Berwick Bank Wind Farm is in the development stage and previously the project was comprised of two separate proposals, Berwick Bank Wind Farm and Marr Bank Wind Farm. Following initial rounds of consultation, it has been decided to combine our proposals into one single opportunity – Berwick Bank Wind Farm.

At 4.1 GW,  Berwick Bank is a big wind farm.

The capacity of the four farms can be summarised as follows.

  • Seagreen – 1075 MW
  • Neart Na Gaoithe – 450 MW
  • Inch Cape – 1000 MW
  • Berwick Bank – 4100 MW

This gives a total of 6625 MW.


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  1. typo in the title: “Wund” farms (presumably should be Wind)

    Comment by MilesT | March 10, 2022 | Reply

  2. The biggest waste of taxpayers and poor pensioners money in the history of mankind.

    Comment by Patrick healy | April 4, 2022 | Reply

    • If that is the case, why do insurance companies and pension funds invest in wind?

      Comment by AnonW | April 4, 2022 | Reply

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