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Too Many Allergies

NICE thinks that too many children are labelled with food allergies, according to reports like this.

I might agree, as I think so many people these days have vanity or lifestyle allergies.

I don’t, as I am a coeliac, that was properly diagnosed at Addenbrookes, when I was over fifty.  Since avoiding gluten, I’ve had no diarrhoea, no migraines, no joint pain and no chronic dandruff.

Probably about 1-in-100 are coeliacs like me, according to researchers at Nottingham University.

But I’ve had all sorts of cranks and quacks tell me that such things as homeopathy can cure my allergy.  They are talking crap.  But they are the same sort of people who imagine and test for all sorts of things in their children.  Often, they are so stupid and paranoid that they don’t believe in vaccination and won’t allow their children to play outside.

But why are we getting so many allergy sufferers.  With coeliac disease, a lot of the increase has come because, those born before 1960 are now being properly diagnosed.  I was found to have a problem from a simple blood test, which showed I had a vitamin B12 deficiency. Remember that children with coeliac disease couldn’t be diagnosed until the early 1960s.

Also there is more awareness of coeliac disease and how it is passed on through the genes.

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