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Railway Stations As Marketing Tools

It goes without saying that, one of the ways to get a passenger contribution to the cost of a station, is for the station to attract passengers to use the trains calling at the station.


Look at this picture of Ilkeston station.

It was taken from the footbridge over the railway and shows that Ilkeston station is effectively two single platform stations on either side of the double-track railway.

Each platform has a ticket machine and a shelter, so all passengers arriving without tickets have no trouble getting one. I know of lots of stations, where the ticket machine is tucked away, almost as if to discourage travel.

But the real marketing trick at Ilkeston is the station footbridge replaces a footpath alongside of Station Road.

This Google Map shows, the station during construction and the old footbridge is clearly visible to the North side of Station Road.

Now the station is open with its new footbridge, how many people will walk past the station, as they go about their business and get curious and perhaps use the trains next time they go into Nottingham.

Hackney Wick

Hackney Wick station is going to be a much grander affair, than Ilkeston, as this visualisation shows.

Hackney Wick Station South Elevstion

But London Overground can be accused of very direct marketing in the design.

Note the double subway under the railway. One section leads into the actual station and the railway and the other is a pedestrian route under the railway.

They will be separated by an artistic glass wall.

How many people will be encouraged to use the railway by this design?

Lea Bridge

Lea Bridge station has been designed as a simple station, although it does have lifts.

But it was designed before Ilkeston with the entrance at one side, rather than on the bridge, where it used to be sixty years ago.

It will be interesting to see how passenger numbers stack up at Lea Bridge.

Kirkstall Forge

Kirkstall Forge station is a new station near Leeds.

It is a fully-equipped station, that relies on position, new developments and a large car-park to bring in the passenger traffic.

Ebbw Vale Town

Ebbw Vale Town station is a station of a different type, but because of a prominent location, It looks to have been a success.

When you consider that it only has an hourly service to Cardiff to pull in 168,000 passengers in its first year of operation is very creditable.



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