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Was Andy Murray Victimised Over Lockerbie?

I’ve just watched Andy Murray crash out of the tennis in Cincinnati. It was to be expected as it was his seventh successive start in the heat of the day.  He did ask for a later start, but this was refused. Here’s what the BBC said.

The Scot was treated court-side for the heat in the second set, which Fish took with ease as Murray’s strength waned.

Murray showed immense reserve to force the final set to a tie-break but Fish proved just too strong for the Scot.

The players took to the court at 12pm local time (1700 BST) in temperatures reaching 33 degrees in the shade, after Murray’s request for a later start on Friday was rejected by tournament officials.

I wonder why they rejected his request?

Could it be that Murray was a Scot and the Americans wanted to vent their fury over the release of Al Megrahi on someone Scottish?

What’s the odds that he gets a terrible draw in the US Open?

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  1. The Scots were in a no win situation over al-Megrahi, if they let him go on compassionate groups they would be vilified by US and lots of Brits. If they kept him in captivity they would be vilified by the Arab nations and lots of Brits. I have known people with apparently about 3 months to live actually survive a couple of years, and people who should have survived suddenly die.

    Comment by Liz P | August 20, 2010 | Reply

  2. I think Murray is in a no-win situation with the Americans. But then Megrahi was a pawn in the game. The guilty were probably the Iranians, as they wanted revenge for the shooting down of the Airbus by the USS Vincennes. I’ve always believed that!

    And then you have stories like this.

    The Americans don’t want justice, they want vengeance! And prefereably with a public execution!

    Comment by AnonW | August 20, 2010 | Reply

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