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Wimbledon Comes To The City

I took these pictures in Spitalfields today.

Perhaps, we should do it more often!

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Lord Sugar’s Tweet On Andy Murray’s Win

You’re Knighted

Come on your majesty @andy_murray for a knighthood. World number one.

I can’t imagine someone else connected with the US version of the show, tweeting that!

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What Would Fred Perry Have Thought?

As I worked on my computer or drove around the country, I would often have the radio on. I can remember listening to BBC Radios 2 and 5, as they covered Wimbledon in the 1980s and early 1990s, when Fred Perry was one of the summarisers.  He was very good and talked eloquently about the sport he loved.

Fred Perry died in 1995, so he never saw Andy Murray, although he may have seen Tim Henman.

I do wonder what his thoughts would have been, if he’d seen Murray’s win yesterday.


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My Greatest TV Sporting Moments

On BBC Radio 5 last night, they were asking what listeners most important memories of televised sport were, after Andy Murray’s win at Wimbledon yesterday on the seventh of the seventh to end seventy-seven years of disappointment.

Here’s mine.

Laker’s Match in 1956

I remember watching this and especially the screen the BBC showed when the match had ended early because of England’s victory. Read more.

Stirling Moss winning the 1957 British Grand Prix

In fact it was a shared win, as his car broke down and he took over that of Tony Brooks. Read more.

Stiring Moss winning the 1960 Monaco Grand Prix

This must rank as one of the greatest ever Formula One wins by a British driver, as Moss held off three much more powerful Ferraris in his Lotus-Climax. Read more.

Tottenham winning the FA Cup in 1961

This of course gave them the first Football League/FA Cup double since the 19th century.

Mandarin winning the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 1962

Why I was watching this on an afternoon in March, I don’t know, but it was probably because I was off sick from school with the affliction from which I still suffer. It was a masterful ride by that old fox Fred Winter, who kept one of the cleverest steeplechasers to the inside, all round the course at Cheltenham.

Bruce Tulloh Winning Gold in Belgrade in 1962

Few others would include this, as he was not a great runner, but using supreme tactics and going from 800 metres out, he won the European Championships with ease. He showed that if you want something enough, you can get it. Read more.

England winning the World Cup in 1966

I was with my parents in Felixstowe and as we didn’t have a television, I saw it at our next door neighbours.

David Hemery winning Gold in Mexico in 1968

This was an amazing performance and I can still hear David Coleman’s commentary. Read more.

Mary Peters winning Gold in Munich in 1972

This was another amazing win and I’ve written about it before.

Red Rum’s third victory in the Grand National in 1977

Although, I remember the 1973 race, this one is more poignant as I can remember C screaming her head off at the television, as she cheered him home. Strangely, this memory was at the same venue as Moss’s victory in 1957.

Mo Farah’s Double Gold in London in 2012

This can’t be left out, as I’ll never see anything like this again.  I did try very hard to get tickets to go, but when the ballot was held, I didn’t have any money, as my house hadn’t been sold.

If I write this list again, Murray’s win yesterday will definitely be included. Although it’s quite likely, that he could exclude this memory by perhaps winning Wimbledon a few more times.

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It’s Hot Out There!

I’ve got the air-conditioning on with the curtains drawn and it’s still 24.7°C in my living room.

But the air-conditioner is showing an air temperature of 30°C on my roof.

I’m watching Murray against Djorkovic and I do wonder if Murray is playing the psychological card by not wearing a hat. After all logically, as someone born a lot further north than his opponent, you’d think, he wouldn’t be able to take the heat as well!

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The Incredible Lee-Duck Hee

On the tennis this afternoon, they were talking about a Korean junior tennis player, who played in the Boys Singles at Wimbledon. There is a report here.

Lee-Duck Hee is completely deaf.

I’m reminded of a story told me by a friend, who went to boarding school. His school had a good football team, but the one they never beat, was a school for the deaf.

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The Tennis Seems Extremely Boring Today

Usually, Wimbledon hots up in the second week, but today it seems particularly slow and boring.

Or is it just me?

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Who Is Third Favourite To Win The Wimbledon Men’s Title?

I suppose it’s fairly obvious, that the two favourites for the men’s final at Wimbledon are Djokovic and Murray, who are pretty closely matched at just over two to one.

But who is favourite after them?

It’s Juan Martin Del Potro at over twenty to one.


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What A Performance!

I’ve watched tennis and especially at Wimbledon for over fifty years.  I can remember the dominance of the Australian men in the 1960s and in all that time since, I’ve been waiting for good British players with a chance to come along. We had a few possibilities in those years, but only recently have we had anybody good enough to win the men’s title. I’ve seen a couple of British women win, but that was all a long time ago.

But never in those years have I seen a performance by an up and coming British player, like that I saw yesterday from Laura Robson. She didn’t just defeat Maria Kirilenko, she demolished her. British players don’t do that!

Afterwards, Virginia Wade said this.

She can do something really incredible in this tournament! 

Virginia also lost her cool and showed a lot of emotion.

In some ways, Robson’s performance, reminded me of that amazing run and win by Boris Becker in 1985, when he won unseeded. Winning at the highest level in sport, depends a lot on confidence and Robson showed that in bucketfuls yesterday.

As I do in situations like this, I decided to waste four pounds on a bet, she wins the Championship.  I got odds of 90-1. Let’s face it, the bet is only a couple of drinks in a cafe and if it comes off, I’ll have the last laugh.

But then I had Terimon each way for the Derby at 500-1.  And he came second!

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A Boring Day

There is not much sport to see today.  Live, I’ve the choice of Barnet, Gillingham or Wimbledon close to London, but I’ve more important things to do now, as the e-mail has got corrupted on my computer. Scanpst may work well, but it’s rather slow.

Hopefully it’ll get better.  Even Andy Murray didn’t help, by disposing of Roger Federer rather quickly.

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