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Expensive Council Number Plates

The BBC is running an item this morning about how councils have very expensive number plates on official cars.

Apparently, Essex has already sold F1 for £375,000, but it may now be worth up to £5,000,000, so it would appear they may have been short changed.

Northampton would appear to have the most valuable one and that is NH1, which could be worth £400,000.  But as they say, once sold you can’t cash in next year.

On the other hand, one person’s asset could satisfy another’s ego. So would it not be possible to lease the number plate for an appropriate amount of money?

Now, whilst we’re talking about number plates, could the lease apply to other council assets?

  1. How many expensive works of art are languishing in public hands, that people would pay to hire for a year, months or even a day?
  2. Councils have some desirable houses in valuable positions, that might be better rented than sold.
  3. Councils have some of the best car parking in the centre of towns.  It should all be rented to those who can afford to pay!
  4. The list probably goes on!

Returning to number plates, I always remember that when I lived in the Barbican BP had the plate BPO 1L on a corporate limousine.  Later I saw it on a transit mini-bus in the company’s colours.  Do they still own it? It probably wouldn’t be a good idea after the Gulf Oil Spill.

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  1. I cant comment on other councils, but minedoesnt have enough car parking for its staff and people visiting for meetings have to book ahead. When I was a school governor I usually walked there, it is only a mile and a half, but once I had the accident I needed to use the car. I believe staff have to pay for their parking space, certainly they do in all the hospitals.

    The desirable houses are museums now, and in many cases, registered for weddings as well.

    We are one of the lowest funded councils in England, some years we are the lowest. Dont get me started on the unfairness of the funding formula! Some years ago I studied it carefully and commented on it. Some poor hapless child-candidate came canvassing for the election which was due. He had no hope of getting the seat in our constituency, and was practising before being adopted at somewhere who might vote him in. If he remained in politics after I explained to him that the main consideration of local people was not the supermarket being built down the road, but the funding grants. He didnt know anything about them. An hour later he did, and he left rather stunned with his tail between his legs!

    Comment by Liz P | October 18, 2010 | Reply

  2. It was possible to lease works of art in Sheffield some years ago.
    No idea if such a scheme still exists…

    Nowadays, its easy to copy items…and the whole security aspect does make for additional difficulties…

    Anyway…I dont have much wall space left…its covered…with prints, small watercolours and photos..and family photos cover the staircase walls…

    I really dont know if I need to decorate..cant see much of the walls…


    Comment by Apricot | October 19, 2010 | Reply

  3. Rotherham council has..or maybe had the ET1

    They had lots of offers for it…

    Money tied up…

    Comment by Apricot | October 19, 2010 | Reply

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