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BP Investigates Potential Of Largest Blue Hydrogen Plant In The United Kingdom

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Hydrogen Fuel News.

Some points from the article.

  • A feasibility study is being conducted and a decision will be made 2024.
  • It would be the largest such fascility in the UK.
  • It will be located in the North East of England and called H2Teesside.
  • It could create enough hydrogen to heat a million homes.
  • It would use carbon capture technology.
  • It would have a 1 GW production capacity by 2030.

This project should be gauged alongside the Government’s goal of 5 GW of hydrogen capacity by 2030.

This is the last paragraph.

The goal of the introduction of the H2 is to make it easier for residential and industrial customers to use their existing gas connections to decarbonise.

As an example of the things that will happen, last night, I read of a proposal to power hydrogen buses, using hydrogen delivered through the current gas mains.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a hydrogen filling system, that could be built into your drive or garage, so you can refuel your hydrogen car.

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SSE Goes Global To Reap The Wind

The title of this article on This Is Money is Renewable Energy Giant SSE Launches Plan To Become Britain’s First Global Windfarm Business As it Invests Up To £15bn Over Next Decade.

The title is a good summary of their plans to build wind farms in Continental Europe, Denmark, Japan and the US, in addition to the UK and Ireland.

I can also see the company developing more integrated energy clusters using the following technologies.

  • Wind farms that generate hydrogen rather than electricity using integrated electrolysers and wind turbines, developed by companies like ITM Power and Ørsted.
  • Reusing of worked out gasfields and redundant gas pipelines.
  • Zero-carbon CCGT power stations running on Hydrogen.
  • Lots of Energy storage.

I talked about this type of integration in Batteries Could Save £195m Annually By Providing Reserve Finds National Grid ESO Trial.

In the related post, I talked about the Keadby cluster of gas-fired power stations, which are in large part owned by SSE.


I think that SSE could be going the way of Equinor and Ørsted and becoming a global energy company.

It is also interesting the BP and Shell are investing in renewable energy to match the two Scandinavian companies.

Big Oil seems to be transforming itself into Big Wind.

All these companies seem to lack grid-scale energy storage, although hydrogen can be generated and stored in worked-out gas fields.

So I would expect that some of the up-and-coming energy storage companies like Gravitricity, Highview Power and RheEnergise could soon have connections with some of these Big Wind companies.



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BP And Microsoft Form Strategic Partnership To Drive Digital Energy Innovation And Advance Net Zero Goals

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Authority.

This is the introductory paragraph.

The companies intend to work together to develop new technology innovations and digital solutions to help meet their sustainability aims, including reducing energy use and carbon emissions.

I find this an interesting and possibly very important partnership.

It is an article that is well worth a read.


Strategic partnerships like this might be one of the moves, that will improve the world.



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Floating Wind Swells, Hydrogen On A High And Here Comes The 150-Hour ‘Aqueous Air’ Battery

The title of this post is the same as that of this weekly summary on Recharge.

There are three major stories.

Floating Wind Turbines

A lot more floating wind turbines are under development, by the French, Swedes, South Africans and Japanese.

I do wonder, if these structures have borrowed the work done in Cambridge by Balaena Structures, for which I did the calculations, as I wrote about in The Balaena Lives.

From what I remember of my calculations fifty years ago, I suspect these floating turbines can be massive and places, in areas, where the winds are really strong.

I also believe that some could have built-in hydrogen generators and could be placed over depleted gas fields and connected to the existing gas pipes.


The article describes how oil giants; BP and Shell are moving towards hydrogen.

Battery Storage

They also talk about Form Energy and their mysterious ‘aqueous air battery, which Recharge covered earlier. I discussed that article in The Mysterious 150-hour Battery That Can Guarantee Renewables Output During Extreme Weather.


This article is a must-read.

Recharge is also a site to follow, if you are interested in the developments in renewable energy.

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Florida Tourism

I can’t understand why anybody would want to go to the United States for a holiday and especially the state of Florida. After all according to this list from an official web site, they have executed 69 people since 1976.

I did hear though on Radio 5 this morning, that the clean-up after the Gulf oil spill has gone well and that the beaches are clean and tourism is on the rise.

But then you have the murders of James Cooper and James Kouzaris

You wouldn’t catch me going.

It would appear that the murderer of the two Englishmen, is just 16 and will be tried as an adult and could face the death penalty.

So at least Florida has its priorities right.  Tourism is more important than cleaning up crime.

Surely to improve tourism, they must do the other.  But of course without using the death penalty.  But then American justice is not about justice, it’s about vengeance.

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Everybody Got it Wrong

The US Government report on the Deepwater Horizon disaster would appear to lay the blame thick and evenly.

But should we really be drilling offshore, when statistics show that on-shore drilling is so much safer?

The problem is also made worse in the United States because of their misguided energy policies and absolute adoration of the car.

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Expensive Council Number Plates

The BBC is running an item this morning about how councils have very expensive number plates on official cars.

Apparently, Essex has already sold F1 for £375,000, but it may now be worth up to £5,000,000, so it would appear they may have been short changed.

Northampton would appear to have the most valuable one and that is NH1, which could be worth £400,000.  But as they say, once sold you can’t cash in next year.

On the other hand, one person’s asset could satisfy another’s ego. So would it not be possible to lease the number plate for an appropriate amount of money?

Now, whilst we’re talking about number plates, could the lease apply to other council assets?

  1. How many expensive works of art are languishing in public hands, that people would pay to hire for a year, months or even a day?
  2. Councils have some desirable houses in valuable positions, that might be better rented than sold.
  3. Councils have some of the best car parking in the centre of towns.  It should all be rented to those who can afford to pay!
  4. The list probably goes on!

Returning to number plates, I always remember that when I lived in the Barbican BP had the plate BPO 1L on a corporate limousine.  Later I saw it on a transit mini-bus in the company’s colours.  Do they still own it? It probably wouldn’t be a good idea after the Gulf Oil Spill.

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The Oil Spill

One of the fallouts of DMW was the ability to mix oil and wster easily. I’m sure it could hrlp.

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