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How Am I Doing?

I’m going to see my Doctor at Addenbrooke’s tomorrow, so I thought I’d write down a few notes.

If I start with my body and move downwards from the top of my head, I can summarise it as follows.

I was suffering a sort of itch and a sensitive scalp, but that seems to have reduced and almost stopped since, I’ve started taking the Amitriptyline.  I’m only on one 10 mg. tablet a day and I take that just before bed, so that it helps me sleep reasonably well.

My brain seems to think clearly and I’ve started programming again.  I do think though, that some of my memory functions aren’t too good, in that I make a mental note to do something and then forget it a few minutes later. But the long-term memory is intact and I can remember funny tales from years back with ease.

My eyes now seem to be working better, in that I have no trouble seeing anything as I walk around.  Although, obviously, I’m not driving or even cycling.  I also find that I can’t see the ball when I try to play table tennis. But I can use binoculars to look at things like the moons of Jupiter, which is something I couldn’t do when I left the hospital.

I do seem to have gone a bit deaf, but then I was always going that way.

I still have pain in the left side of my face and it gets worse as the afternoon progresses towards evening.  I suspect this is because the Amitriptyline I took the night before is wearing off. I find too, that typing on the computer gets more difficult from about three and my eyes are tired.

My mouth is a bit sore, as my teeth tend to catch the inside of my left cheek.  It could be that I’m cutting a Wisdom tooth, but my dentist is a long way away in Felixstowe. In addition, my teeth never seem clean. I wish there was a walk-in dental hygienist!

My right arm is a hundred percent, but my left hand is still a little wayward and there is pain the wrist.  I can though now wear my heavy Rolex again, which C left for me as her last Christmas present.  It has the inscription “J Xmas 2007 and Forever C” and I feel undressed without it.

I do find trouble reading newspapers, as I find it difficult to separate the pages.  I had thought this was due to the stroke, but my friend, John, at the football has the same problem and he’s a fit farmer, who’s about my age.  He reckons it’s the papers and the ink they use! So perhaps it’s just old age again!

There is also pain in my left humerus in the old injury, where the bully broke my arm at school. Again it gets worse as the day progresses.

I have been working on my core strength and don’t seem to suffer any pain or reactions in my trunk at all.

I do however have a bit of a problem with a mixture of constipation and diarrhoea.  That’s probably the best way to describe it, as sometimes I find going a strain and at other times it’s loose like it was for most of my life before I was diagnosed as a coeliac.

Incidentally, when I typed that last paragraph, I just typed diarrhoea right for the first time in my life!

My legs are fine, although I do suffer the odd cramp at night in my left shin and my varicose veins are getting worse.  But compared to my parents’ ones, they are minor.

I’m eating well and I’m now just about the same weight as I was this time last year of about 58.5 kilos stripped.

One slight problem is that I always seem to feel a bit cold during the day.  But as I said, I’m sleeping well and am very warm in bed.

As to getting around, I have no problems, that others don’t have like late or missing trains and taxis that take forever to come. But how many who are recovering from strokes, have travelling as far as Inverness, Edinburgh, Middlesbrough, Sheffield and Crewe without any special assistance? I can’t wait to get to my new house in London, from where I can really explore the country.

I’m also managing well with the Warfarin.  But it’s a system that is so antiquated and ill-thought out, that something should be done to create a proper National Anticoagulation Service, possibly based on pharmacies and the Internet.  But I’ve not missed a correct dose and save for the odd small nose bleeds, I’ve not had any trouble.

I also think I felt a bit better after last Wednesday when I had my three-monthly B12 injection.

So let’s face it!

I could be much worse.

I sleep well, get tired, cook everything I need, travel where I want, but just feel trapped living in the country with a bit of nagging pain.

I’m moving so the first problem will go and I hope that the pain will fade away with time.

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  1. You are doing well, the most important thing is your motivations, lots of stroke patients lose that.

    Your teeth never feeling clean could be linked to the facial pain, as you know I have fairly severe chronic facial pain, which includes permanent ear ache, and toothache is a tooth which isnt there – I had it taken out a while ago. My teeth never feel completely clean either.

    Amitryptiline is excellent for nerve pain, I have been taking it for some years now, and it makes the face pain liveable with.

    You need to get the bowel thing checked out, but I guess you already know that.

    YOu are doing very very well, and that is due to the hard work you have put in to your recovery. Well done.

    Comment by liz | November 11, 2010 | Reply

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