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ASLEF Put Their Marker Down for the Olympics

The various rail runions have never got on well and have always tried to see that they could get more out of owners, managers  and ultimately taxpayers for as long as I can remember.

Today’s action by ASLEF was supposedly about triple pay and a day-off for working Boxing Day, in variance with an agreement they are reported to have signed, but was it also to show their power with the Olympics coming in 2012?  They didn’t get the Danegeld this time and as millions of Londoners and tourists were seriously inconvenienced, I doubt they’ll get it if they try to do something similar about extra benefits for themselves during the games.

I was seriously inconvenienced today, as I had intended to get a Central Line train to Newbury Park for a friend to take me to the football at Ipswich.  As I said earlier, the direct trains weren’t running.  Instead I tried to take a 25 bus to Ilford, from where I would complete the journey on another bus.

But I was running seriously late for a pre-arranged pick-up time on a bus that would have had just a small bit of space for a couple of Snow White’s friends.  All of the overcrowding could be put down to the non-running Central Line, as people had things like cases and bags of presents with them.  So I abandoned the bus with some difficulty at Stratford and thought I’d get a bus home.  The queues were enormous, as I suspect many had come to the interchange to get buses like the 25 to Oxford Circus.  The shopping centre by the interchange was very busy too and it looked like things were getting worse rather than better.

I’d determined that I needed to get a 276 to Stoke Newington, but as that shared a stop with the 25, it would not have been a sensible proposition, so I walked back down West Ham Lane to the previous stop of the bus.  Eventually, I got on a small single-decker bus after about a quarter of an hour, as that is the Sunday frequency.  It then drove back through Stratford and the overcrowded stops and was probably carrying twice its legal capacity by Bow Church, where it started its meander towards Hackney.

It was then, that I got a text saying that the match at Ipswich had been called off due to a frozen pitch.  So at least I was saved a long journey, even if my shorter one wasn’t much fun!

In the end I abandoned the 276 when it got to Mare Street in Hackney and went to look for another to get me back home.

I shall be interested to see how this story develops. ASLEF have seriously managed to annoy all of the shops in London, Transport for London and I suspect several million Londoners. At times, at Stratford, I felt some were going to seriously explode and that was one of the reasons, I walked away to look for a bus.  I saw mothers with children getting distraught, as youths refused them access to buses with buggies, drivers and other staff were getting abuse and no-one was offering the disabled and the elderly the priority seats.

Still it was all good fun and practice for a man with dodgy eyesight and only one 100% hand.  But the idea is to see if I can improve the parts of my body that don’t woek too well, by using them!

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