The Anonymous Widower

Death of a Friend

The trip to York yesterday was to visit my old boss from ICI and his wife.  He has not been too well lately after a stroke and some complications, but his mind is still all there and just as when I went to Liverpool, we discussed engineering and put the world to rights.  He also filled in some of the gaps in some of my stories, like the invention of plastic string.

However, the trip was overshadowed by learning about the death of one of my colleagues in Metier in a phone call on the trip north.  Brian was the Finance Director and we couldn’t have wanted for a better one.  Or a funnier and witty one for that matter!  He had also been a good friend and confidant since the death of my wife and until a few months before his death, he could be relied upon to call regularly.

He will be missed by all who knew him.

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  2. […] was uneventful, except that I probably annoyed my companions in the set of four seats, because of Brian‘s death. We left on time and arrived at York dead on the scheduled arrival time. The coffee […]

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  3. […] was Brian‘s funeral in Amersham.  Or more properly, it was a humanist celebration of a life lived well […]

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  4. […] I worked for Metier, our wonderful accountant, Brian, set me up with a pension that I can live […]

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