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The Future Worldwide Public Transport Ticketing is Almost Here

I read last month, that Transport for London would be aiming to introduce ticketing using contactless bank cards before the Olympics next year. They would work instead of or alongside the Oyster card.

So after some of the comments with regard to public transport in the Aston Martin post, I thought I’d look up the progress.

I myself have a Freedom Pass, so you might ask why I would need to pay in other way. I usually keep it in the back pocket of my trousers, so I have forgotten it a couple of times, when I’ve changed in the middle of the day. I also keep an emergency Oyster card in my wallet, in case I lose the Freedom Pass or I meet someone from outside London, who doesn’t have an Oyster.

So how is it all progressing? Read about it here.

This is an extract.

Hany Fam, President of MasterCard UK & Ireland, said: ‘We’ve been working closely with TfL since 2006 to make this shared vision a reality and recently announced a deal for the exclusive branding of TfL’s Oyster card wallet for 2011.

‘MasterCard was the first to introduce contactless bankcard payments on UK public transport in 2009 and we’re delighted that from 2012 consumers with a PayPass card issued anywhere in the world can use it to access London’s transport system.

‘We believe that London’s leadership will pave the way for adoption of contactless payments in other major cities across the world.’

What is this worldwide universal ticketing, going to do for worldwide tourism?

So perhaps the banks, helped by lots of clever engineers and computer programmers are going to do something worthwhile for a change.

You might ask what’s in it for them?

These contactless transactions are much cheaper to process than one with a pin. I suspect too that as your bank card will be able to buy your travel, your paper and your lunch, you’ll only carry one card much of the time and hence theft and the associated fraud will be a lot less.

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  1. I am not sure exactly what a contactless card is, and I am too tired to read the whole article, but it sounds good. Certainly nowadays it is so easy to be able to just put my visa card into parking machines, toll booth on the M6T etc, rather than faffing around for change and not having any!

    Comment by liz | May 1, 2011 | Reply

  2. […] hope Cambridge iontegrates the busway into the new universal ticketing proposed by the banks. 52.245212 0.403362 GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); […]

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