The Anonymous Widower

Struggling To IKEA

Well not really struggling, but you wouldn’t have thought that getting a few simple baskets would be so difficult.

IKEA Branas Basket

The picture shows one of their Branas baskets.

To fit out my bedroom I need eight.  So I thought I’d buy them on-line when I bought the storage frames that will hold them. But and this annoys me so much about IKEA, they were one of the products that can’t be bought on-line.  But they did have lots in stock at Edmonton. As I did have a couple of spare hours and I wanted to take some pictures close to their store.  I decided to go and get some this afternoon.

So I took the Victoria line to Tottenham Hale and then got a 192 bus to IKEA.

I had worried that the boxes might not be flat-pack, in which case they would be difficult to manage on the bus, back to either Tottenham Hale or almost to home if a 341 turned up.

But my worst fears were unfounded as the boxes were flat and I reckoned I could carry four, in two IKEA blue bags. So perhaps half-an-hour soon after arriving and after perhaps  ten minutes in the queue to pay, I was back at the bus stop, waiting for a 341 to move up to the departure stop.

Shopping on the 341 Bus

As you can see from the picture, the two bags with their cargo of boxes fitted in the luggage space on the bus, which sped me to within two hundred or so metres from my house.

Three boxes were quickly put together, but the fourth lacked a bottom and will have to be returned.

I did phone the store to see if they could post me a bottom, but rules is rules and it will have to go back to store with the till receipt.

So instead of two trips for eight boxes, it will now be three!

At least though, I don’t pay the fares for the bus and tube.

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