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Auf Weidersehen, Deutschland!

I couldn’t resist going to Docklands to see the departure of the MS Deutschland.

It was a tight squeeze to get out.

I think we’re going to see more ships like the MS Deutschland entering the docks at Canary Wharf and berthing on the South Quay. I suspect that a lot of people are wishing that the lock connecting the West India Docks to the River Thames was built a bit larger by the Victorians.  This was published by Motor Boats Monthly.

The manoeuvre took just under three hours, and a huge amount of skill to complete. The ship itself is 175.3m long with a 23m beam, and the lock is just over this at 178m long and 24.4m wide.

So it was a very tight squeeze. Note that the largest ship of the nineteenth century was the SS Great Eastern, which wouldn’t have fitted into the lock to get in and out of the docks.

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Through The Angel,Islington On a 30 Bus

I took this video in the style of Mitchell and Kenyon, from the top of a 30 bus, as it went through the Angel at Islington.

Note the tram washing shed on the right, which is now the Jack Wills store and the statue of Hugh Myddelton on Islington Green.

In the end, I got off to go to the Carluccio’s on Upper Street.

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Germans Book Their Place For The Olympics

I know there is a bit of a stereotype about Germans getting up early to put their towels on loungers.

But then they go and bring their cruise ship, the MS Deutschland, into London Docklands, a whole  year ahead of the Olympics.

It did suffer the indignity of having to come in backwards. So is this an omen, that the Germans are going to do well in the rowing?

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Yorkshire Cannyness?

The railway between Leeds and York via Harrogate is severely overloaded and is run using the the dreaded Pacers.

Now it is being proposed that the line be electrified using a simple third rail system and reuse ex-London Underground, District Line trains.

It is an idea that might work and provide a better service.

Although I’m generally in favour of overhead electrification, there are lines like this where less intrusive third-rail electrification may be more suitable. On this line there is also a two mile long tunnel, Bramhope Tunnel,  which would be prohibitively expensive or impossible to electrify using overhead wires.

Although this proposal is based around using London Underground D Stock, which are generally about thirty years old, there is no reason to believe that as CrossRail and Thameslink progress throughout London, that other suitable trains will be released.

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