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Are Our Policemen This Dim?

It is being reported that the Metropolitan Police spent £35,000 in the last two years ringing the speaking clock. I know it is important that they time everything correctly for the purposes of evidence, but surely, in most cases they have a mobile phone handy. My twenty-year-old phone gives the time very accurately. The only excuse would be that they need to put down the time to the nearest second. And I can’t believe that is necessary.

They also spent £200,000 on directory enquiries.   I have spent nothing in the last five years or so, as I always use 118500 on the Internet.

There may be operational reasons why they need to call directory enquiries, but surely the police could have a better internal system, which gave them more information.

It all goes to illustrate how inefficient our public services are and that they waste money our money all the time.

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